The Greater Fool spring break

By Paul Castaneda 

There has never been anything like Zach Snyder’s Justice League, from beginning kernels to ultimate fruition.

People complaining about a “plot” against Governor Andrew Cuomo are as bad as the ones who claimed “plots” against Trump.

March Madness is here … and with it a first ever “no contest” due to COVID-19 outbreak within a school.

America has a white terrorism problem.  A huge one.  And recent violence against Asian Americans is further proof of it.

It’s difficult to make a case for humanity’s survival when you see things like Spring Break in Miami during a pandemic.

There is systematic rape being carried out in Ethiopia by government purposes for the purpose of ethnic cleansing of the Trigayan people.  The fact that you likely knew nothing of this before I mentioned it is a huge problem.

Even in a pandemic, great business ideas thrive.  FiveBelow expanding by 180 stores nationwide is an example.

Mitch McConnell’s threats regarding the ending of the filibuster are hilarious.  If the Democrats have the intestinal fortitude to get rid of the filibuster and pass sweeping voting rights changes, the GOP will lose the Congress and presidency for the next two decades.  And Mitch knows that.

Piers Morgan showed his racism a bit and Sharon Osbourne said “Hold my beer.”

President Biden has a huge border problem on his hands.  Luckily, there’s an actual adult in the White House now.

Do you smell that in the air?  It smells like Covid Complacency.

Gerard Depardieu, Shia LaBeouf, Armie Hammer, T.I.  That is far from an exhaustive list. The entertainment industry has a huge sexual assault/sexual harassment/violence against women issue.

Who had Josh Whedon as the hack director on their bingo cards?

Until next time …

The Greater Fool with Paul Castaneda aims to be a semi regular column, eventual podcast and, yes, broadcast, focused on presenting what is going on in our country from a somewhat unique perspective … in honor of truth. You can learn more here. Sunday’s editions will be more of a quick take format, featuring insights on all areas of society.

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