Greater Fool on Krispy Kreme donuts

By Paul Castaneda

Gotta hand it to the GOP.  They continue to cement themselves as the party of hate with anti-transgender laws being pursued/passed in Alabama, Mississippi and elsewhere.

The saddest and most revealing thing about Demi Lovato’s revelation that she was raped by a castmate on a Disney project years ago was that nobody seems surprised that it happened or that no price was paid by the rapist.

Dominion Voting Systems hit Fox News with a $1.6 billion dollar lawsuit.  I think they low balled it.

Need another reason to get vaccinated?  Krispy Kreme will give you a free glazed donut if you show your vaccination card.

I really don’t need Dr. Brix telling us what we should have done when she spent months holding Trump’s water as his lack of leadership cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Sharon Osbourne … bye, Karen.

The Jim Crowish restrictive voting laws passed in Georgia are just the latest chapter in the book of white leaders plundering, abusing and disenfranchising people of color.  And the GOP as the legacy carriers of same.

Apparently, Lea Michelle’s invite to the GLEE reunion performance at the upcoming GLAAD Media Awards got lost in the mail …

I appreciate Mick Mulvaney calling out Trump’s lies about the insurrection.  There is no courage in doing it now and not then.

#RestoreTheSnyderverse is blowing up on social media.  Perhaps the suits at Warner should pay attention.

If Trump makes a comeback, it will be on the backs of an enablist media desperate to reverse falling ratings.

The Brooklyn Nets are signing everybody.  Word on the street is they called Jordan, Magic and Bird, too.

NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson is being sued by 16 women for sexual assault, harassment, etc.  16.  And a ton of men are victim blaming online.  Misogyny is disgusting.

Hope springs eternal … MLB Opening Day is April 1.

Until next time…

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