Greater Fool on Godzilla vs. Kong

By Paul Castaneda

If you are appalled by Lil NAS X but enthralled by Lucifer, you are the damned problem (pun intended).

So if you are Matt Gaetz, which country without extradition is first on your list?

Pssst, Hollywood, tax breaks are not more important than vote suppression.  Get out of Georgia.

There may be no greater indictment of a society than not caring what happens outside of its immediate circle.  So what do you know about Tigray?

GODZILLA VS KONG is ridiculous, entertaining, old school blockbuster movies at its best/worst.

This just in. … being high is not an excuse for someone to put their full body weight on your neck until you asphyxiate.

The GOP abhors cancel culture … unless you are the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc and stand up for what’s right.

Heartbreaking loss for UCLA, but kudos for taking it to the last shot in overtime of the Final Four as an 11 seed.

I have no idea what NFTs are, but I know people are getting rich off of them.

In 47 states, the GOP is moving to restrict voting … and daring corporations and citizens to do something about it.

If GREY’S ANATOMY starts bringing dead characters from other shows to the beach before Meredith wakes up, I’m out (looking straight at you, Dr. Greene from ER).

What’s the over under on Tucker Carlson ever having Gaetz on again?

Happy Easter for all who observe.

Until next time…

The Greater Fool with Paul Castaneda aims to be a semi regular column, eventual podcast and, yes, broadcast, focused on presenting what is going on in our country from a somewhat unique perspective … in honor of truth. You can learn more here. Sunday’s editions will be more of a quick take format, featuring insights on all areas of society.


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