Greater Fool on Daylight Savings
By Paul Castaneda

Daylight Savings Time is worth it for the crying in March and Hosannas in November alone.

Anyone surprised that an independent commission found that elected officials in Rochester, including the mayor, conspired to hide details of the death of Daniel Prude while being arrested by police?  Anyone?

Imagine running a marathon and, despite stumbling several times along the way, being just feet away from the finish line. Then deciding, “Nah, I’ll stop here for beer and burgers.”  Now, imagine that marathon is life or death for you and everyone you know.  That’s the current approach to COVID-19 for many in the U.S.

Donald Trump is not going away.  And the GOP is on board with that.  That’s bad for the party and for the country.

Should someone tell Sen. Ron Johnson that his racism is showing?

Marvelous Marvin Hagler was one of the best boxers of his era, giving us terrific matches against Tommy Hearns and Sugar Ray Leonard.  Rest in peace, sir.

The new lockdown in Italy due to coronavirus, fueled by variants, should be a warning to the world.

Tucker Carlson is just an awful human being.  Not piling on, just amazed at the sheer scope of his awfulness.

President Biden’s next full press conference will be his first.  Not a good look.  Not a good look at all.

The J-Lo/A-Rod are they/aren’t they … does anyone really give a rip?

Brazil is in the grips of an overwhelming COVID-19 wave fueled by variants and large social gatherings.  They’ve broken their 24 hour deaths record three times this month.

Great week for the Royal Family, no?

It’s a bit ridiculous that we’ve had pandemic Emmies and Golden Globes, the Grammys tonight, the Oscars in April and the Tonys … haven’t even voted yet nor scheduled the event.

In the debate, if there is one, of ER vs Grey’s Anatomy for best medical drama ever, I’m ER all the way.

Until next time …

The Greater Fool with Paul Castaneda aims to be a semi regular column, eventual podcast and, yes, broadcast, focused on presenting what is going on in our country from a somewhat unique perspective … in honor of truth. You can learn more here. Sunday’s editions will be more of a quick take format, featuring insights on all areas of society.

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