Check out Freeline Productions’ haunting original novels

August 1, 2018 0

ORLANDO -- Freeline Productions is the source for original fiction novels by author Michael W. Freeman, which reflect the anxiety,


Exploring a new lifestyle: Boat Living Off the Grid

August 22, 2018 0

No doubt about it, it’s increasingly a part of the American dream, something more and more people aspire to: getting


David McElroy delivers a stunning look at the final…

September 14, 2018 0

ORLANDO -- Beat author Jack Kerouac had a unique and interesting connection to Central Florida. He did some of his

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Finding a Retirement Paradise in Leavenworth, Washington

July 25, 2018 0

When I grow up, I want to retire in Leavenworth, Washington. For those who know me, you're probably wondering why I use the term "grow up"…

Remembering Doug Guetzloe: Let’s create a political museum in his name

February 11, 2018 1

ORLANDO -- Standing at a bar last Thursday night, waiting for a drink so I could join two friends on our usual weekly Happy Hour,…

Some thoughts on the horrific massacre at Pulse

June 13, 2016 1

  ORLANDO -- After years of watching television coverage of terrorist attacks in other cities, from 9-11 to San Bernardino in December 2015, I always…