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Why weight loss plans fail
Looking and feeling your very best is never an impossible goal.

TAMPA — It’s been said a successful weight loss plan is all about getting results – and that most dieters tend to accomplish the same result. The average person, studies indicate, gains 11 pounds for every diet they go on.

That’s a polite and medically grounded way of saying that most diets fail. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but one of the key reasons is that far too many people eager to lose weight opt to do it on their own, without seeking out the guidance and assistance of professionals.

It’s been said that no two people have the same bodies, so there’s no single diet that’s going to impact everyone in the same way.

Too often, though, people who chose to diet don’t even understand their own bodies, and they made predictable mistakes while charting their weight loss plan. If it seems not to be working, they lose confidence in it and give up.

There’s a better way.

Getting the guidance of professionals can help make the difference between a failed weight loss plan and a successful one. Take the medical professionals at Tampa Rejuvenation, which specializes in weight loss and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Not only can they help patients understand what’s going to work for their bodies, but they go a step beyond in also helping people discover more joy and vitality in their lives.

That’s why a serious weight loss plan is definitely something you don’t want to become a solo act.


Why Do So Many Weight Loss Plans Fail?

It’s been noted that when you start to lose weight, they often lose fat – and muscle. If they get discouraged and stop dieting or exercising, then the only thing they gain back is the fat.

Your metabolism slows down when you start a diet, and your metabolism ends up in even worse shape if you pursue a yo-yo diet. That’s why efforts to starve yourself don’t work, since the lack of food to feed your body slows your metabolism, so you burn off fewer calories.

That’s one key reason why diets fail.

But there are others.

  1. Crash Dieting Doesn’t Work

    The sad truth is that eating less often triggers hunger, while slowing your metabolism. The key here isn’t in eating far less, but substituting unhealthy, high fat foods for healthier ones rich in protein. There’s nothing wrong with eating enough to satisfy your appetite; but do you understand what foods work best for your body?
    Most people don’t.
    It’s been said you want to combine protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, chicken, fish, and meats into your diet. But again, everyone is different. Talking first with the nutritionists at Tampa Rejuvenation is a good place to start.

  2. Understand What You Truly Want To Avoid

    Some people think they can lose weight by cutting out sugar, so they use artificial sweeteners instead. Don’t. It’s known that these sweeteners can trigger sweet receptors, hunger and do a number on slowing your metabolism.
    Don’t automatically assume that a “low fat” diet is all you need, and that it’s guaranteed to help you lose weight. There’s good fat that our bodies need, and bad fat that we don’t. The truth is that low-fat diets have been a rage for decades, and today, 70 percent of the country is overweight, while 1 in 2 Americans have pre-diabetes or type-2 diabetes.

    In fact, some studies indicate that a high-fat vegan diet is far more effective for weight loss than a low-fat diet. Other studies indicate that eating the right fat increases your metabolism – and burns off more calories.
    The bottom line is there’s no reason to be afraid of fat. Understanding it is a healthier approach. Healthy vegetable fats can include avocado, nuts, seeds and oil. Chicken and fish with omega 3 fats like sardines and salmon are also recommended.

  3. You May Have A Medical Condition

If your body seems like it’s resistant to weight loss, it might not be how often you exercise or what you’re eating. It could be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

It could be that you have food allergies or sensitivities that you don’t know about. We’ve all heard about people who need a gluten-free diet or have problems with diary, but there could be other culprits out there.

Your body might be responding negatively to toxins in your home or office – everything from household cleaners to pesticides and industrial pollution. There are chemicals that, unbeknownst to us, can make us fat. Sometimes a good place to start is to try to find the hidden causes of your weight gain.


4. There’s No Plan in Place

Finally, too many people just wing it – try cutting out fast food and sodas, adding a few days each week of exercise or maybe evening walks, but nothing specific and certainly not a regiment that you stick to daily. It’s important to set up the conditions for a successful weight loss plan.

Because it sure doesn’t happen by accident.


5. You Try Doing It Alone

One of the key reasons for reaching out to a company like Tampa Rejuvenation is you’re now working with others – and experienced professionals at that – who can guide you on achieving your weight loss goals. Studies have shown that people can become more successful at something by finding others and doing it together. Doing it with a group also makes it a lot more fun.

Professionals can help you discover what works best for you and your body. And they can help you develop a plan to make it happen.

Most people who decide they want to lose weight don’t know where to begin. The truth is they don’t need to. A professional team can help you understand the kind of physical activities and nutritional intake that will work best for you – not someone else.




A successful weight loss plan is about more than just improving your looks. It can lower your risk of cancer, reduce feelings of depression, give you a healthier heart, and save you money in the long run if your overall health improves and you no longer require medications or medical treatments.

A successful weight loss plan can seem like a major Lifestyle Adjustment, and one that won’t be easy, especially in the beginning. Sometimes your cherished results are slow to materialize, and it’s easy to get frustrated.
But if this is you, understand you’re not alone. And a key to success is not trying to do it alone.

One excellent option for weight loss assistance is the professionals at Tampa Rejuvenation, who can help you determine exactly what you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

Tampa Rejuvenation will also make sure your weight loss plan is entirely unique to you and your body, starting with testing and blood work to eliminate the possibility of any conditions that could be prohibiting your weight loss efforts from succeeding.

You don’t have to take on a battle against your weight alone. And a great way to start any weight loss plan is to
make it a year-long lifestyle. It’s always a great goal to make a commitment to healthy living.

Michael Freeman is an Orlando journalist, playwright and author of the book “Of Cats And Wolves.” Contact him at Freelineorlando@gmail.com.

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