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Review: Polanski’s “The Tenant” on DVD.

Editor’s Note: Roman Polanski’s movie “The Tenant” was released in the United States on June 11, 1976 — and flopped. More than 30 years later, the movie is now considered one of the director’s best. Here, editor Michael Freeman looks back the movie and how well it has aged over the years. When Trelkovsky, a [...]

Orlando Venues honors its employees at the Amway.

ORLANDO — There are a lot of things that make the Amway Center in downtown Orlando a great place for live entertainment, said Alex Martins. The Amway Center has hosted concerts, sports competitions and special events, and of course is home to the Orlando Magic, the basketball team that Martins serves as its chief executive [...]

Where is the world’s most visited theme park? Right here in Orlando.

LAKE BUENA VISTA — There are theme parks all over the world, and one of them has to rank at the top, as the No. 1 most frequently visited. And the one that attracts more visitors than any other just happens to be in Central Florida. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom got that title, according [...]

Review: “Tiger Tail.”

ORLANDO – The creaky old house that her husband brought her to live at, located in Tiger Tail County, Mississippi, is, young and sensuous Baby Doll insists, haunted. At times it certainly seems that way. Baby Doll’s Aunt Rose Comfort has a tendency to scream out loud – usually when the phone rings, as it [...]

With the official start of summer today, tourism opportunities abound.

ORLANDO — On the calendar, today is simply Friday, June 21 — the last work day of the week, the start of the weekend. But look more closely at your calendar. Today marks something else: the official start of summer. Although Central Florida has been hot and humidity since late April, and May felt like [...]

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