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The Cinema of the Holocaust

Film director Roman Polanski is now in the Polish city of Krakow, where he grew up, to direct a movie about the Dreyfus Affair, the anti-Semitic scandal that shocked France around the end of the 19th century. It will be Polanski’s first non-fiction movie since “The Pianist,” and a return to the kind of historical [...]

Age of Aquarius: Flashback to “Valley Of The Dolls”

Editor’s Note: On Thursday, NBC will launch a 13-episode series, “Aquarius”, starring David Duchovny as a police sergeant in Los Angeles in 1967 who leads an undercover investigation of a cult leader named Charles Manson. In honor of “Aquarius,” Freeline Media is also taking a look back at the culture of the 1960s, through one [...]

Sheriff’s lieutenant lands in hot water for his revealing actions

LAKELAND — It’s been said that law enforcement works hard to expose the criminal element in their midst — those who commit fraud, who cheat and steal, who victimize others. Now, a former lieutenant with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office has found himself on the other side of the law — under arrest and being [...]

Are straight men stingier than gays when it comes to dating?

ORLANDO — An online dating site has some advice for gay men looking to get into the dating world: if you want to find a special guy who will truly make your first date a night to remember, consider looking for guys in Minneapolis or Orlando. According to a new study by, those are [...]

Welcome to the dark and unsettling world of “Bloody Rabbit”

ORLANDO — Consider this: Anyone who got downsized during the great recession, and eventually found a new job — or multiple jobs, including part-time positions below their skill levels — at a far lower rate of pay is very likely still struggling to make ends meet. Their standard of living has fallen, seemingly permanently. Freeline [...]

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