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Freeline Media Review: The “It’s a Wonderful Life” revival

There’s no small irony in the fact that when the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” premiered on Dec. 20, 1946, it drew mixed reviews, did not do particularly well at the box office, and would lose the Best Picture Academy Award to “The Best Years of Our Lives.” That, in Hollywood’s view, is a movie [...]

Freeline Media Review: “The Nutcracker”

ORLANDO –One of the things that makes Christmas time so absolutely magical for children is, no doubt, the wondrous way that reality mixes so sublimely with fantasy. For several weeks around the Christmas season, it’s all about the fantasies coming to life. What child hasn’t wanted so desperately to stay up all night, and wait [...]

Rock Hard Bods on the way to The Abbey

ORLANDO — For years, local clubs and performance centers have been promoting those two words, Hard Rock, to draw in a crowd that loves to hear full-volume guitars blasting heavy metal noise. Now, to promote an upcoming event, The Abbey in downtown Orlando is reversing those words, but the theater’s promotion of Rock Hard has [...]

Freeline Media Review: “Dickens by Candlelight”

ORLANDO — Watching the production of ”Dickens By Candlelight”, I was struck midway through by a couple of thoughts, one having to do with the nature of Charles Dickens’ classic novella “A Christmas Carol” and why it continues to move us generation after generation, and then about the very intimate nature of theater itself. Dickens’ [...]

Freeline Media Review: “The Light in the Piazza”

ORLANDO — As a musical, “The Light in the Piazza” opens in a seemingly cute — and predictable — way. Margaret Johnson is an American tourist who has brought her teenage daughter, Clara, to Florence, Italy. It’s the summer of 1953, nearly a decade after the second World War ended, and Margaret is eager for [...]

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