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For one small Central Florida town, a big step up for one local public department.

LAKE ALFRED – Not everyone works out of a large office, but for the past few decades, some of the workers in downtown Lake Alfred couldn’t even claim they had a decently cozy space to do their job, Denise Johnson noted. “It’s only 1,000 square feet,” Johnson said. “It’s like a closet.” The building she’s [...]

Vacation home manager celebrates her industry’s success with a new, much larger office.

DAVENPORT – There were glasses on the front desk inside the property at 115 Lake Davenport Boulevard, with a bottle of champagne waiting to be poured. In the parking lot, there was a bounce house, and, under a tent, a tray full of freshly baked brownies. Like any grand opening celebration, there were tours provided [...]

Lake Wales man charged in the stabbing death of his grandmother.

LAKE WALES – A young man who detectives say got into an argument with his grandmother was arrested today and charged with stabbing her to death in the bathtub. Christopher Chase Whaley, 23, was arrested by Polk County Sheriff’s Office Homicide detectives today, and they charged him in the stabbing death of his 69-year-old grandmother, [...]

Polk County police stations offer a safe place to dispose of unwanted pills.

HAINES CITY – Early on Saturday afternoon, a woman drove up in front of the Haines City Police Station, where Officer Kendrick Frazier was standing, and handed him a large Burger King bag. It was not, however, filled with lunch or a meal. Instead, the bag was filled with drugs. “No problem,” Officer Frazier said. [...]

Heard of the LA Showcase? If not, check it out on Saturday mornings in … guess where.

LAKE ALFRED – What a difference a right hand turn makes. “I like it a lot better,” said Val Cooper. “There’s good things about the way it’s set up now. There’s parking out front, and people can come by and stop and get out and see what’s here.” The ability to offer both street parking [...]

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