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Midnight the office cat is the official receptionist and ambassador for Freeline Productions.


Freeline Productions is your source for:

* Original novels

* Original community theater productions

* Theater, DVD and book reviews

* Local news



Freeline Productions is also available to meet all your writing, editing and communications needs.
To find out more about ordering our fiction books ….
To learn more about collaborating with our exciting new theater productions¬† ….
To get coverage of your upcoming event or organization in Freeline Media

Contact Freeline Productions today.

Call us at 321-209-1561.

Email us at

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

If we’re not around, Midnight the office cat might just log onto the computer and respond to your message — or answer your call. Midnight is always eager to be helpful, and is quick to pass on any messages you send to the proper folks.

So don’t delay — contact Freeline Productions today. Midnight can’t wait to start communicating with you.

Questions? Send them in! We’ll answer each and every one as best we can! Don’t be shy about the strange ones.

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