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Judicial candidate puts a focus on upholding the public’s trust

ORLANDO — As he conducts his campaign to be elected as a judge to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court, Joseph Haynes Davis has been attending public events, greeting area residents, and starting a dialogue with them about his campaign. He knows, however, that running for a judicial post is starkly different from seeking a legislative [...]

Florida Civil Rights Association calls for changes in Florida laws

ORLANDO — Going beyond decrying the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri, the Florida Civil Rights Association is calling for changes in Florida law that would potentially prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the Sunshine State. On Friday, the association based in Orlando issued a statement noting its “grave discerns” with the grand jury’s [...]

Ax the Tax founder is back, and speaking out

ORLANDO — If there’s one thing that never seems to change, Doug Guetzloe noted, it appears to be an insatiable appetite on the part of government leaders for tax hikes. It’s the kind of situation, he said, that requires a loud and vocal grassroots response. For those who wondered if he was still active in [...]

Civil rights group calls for prosecutor’s firing over “crack hoes” posting on Facebook

ORLANDO — It started with a series of postings on a popular social media site, that exploded into controversy with a Mother’s Day posting about “crack hoes.” On May 11, Kenneth Lewis wrote on his Facebook page, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the crack hoes out there. It’s never too late to turn it around, [...]

From tougher child porn penalties to aid for the homeless, new laws are on the way in Florida.

TALLAHASSEE — If you’re disgusted by child pornography, think more should be done for the homeless, and worry about bullying, chances are you’re going to be pleased with the actions of the state Legislature in this past legislative session. In addition to adopting a budget for the next fiscal year, lawmakers also passed a slew [...]

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