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Some thoughts on the horrific massacre at Pulse

ORLANDO — After years of watching television coverage of terrorist attacks in other cities, from 9-11 to San Bernardino in December 2015, I always had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that Orlando would eventually become a very tempting target for something similar. I hate to admit this, but for me, the [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: A fond farewell to a great friend

It’s been said that acts of kindness, provided to one who has so rarely had the benefit of experiencing them, can transform a personality — to turn the cynical into the hopeful, to sooth the angry and make them tranquil. There are people who will counter that suggestion, and point to ornery folks they knew [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: The Christmas card dilemma

On Thanksgiving morning, I got my start on writing my Christmas cards. I like to say something in the cards, although one thing I’ve noticed is that in the age of social media, my world has shrunk. Virtually everyone I wanted to send a card to is on a social media site like Facebook, and [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Why say thanks?

In October of 2011, I flew from Orlando to Rhode Island, to spend a week visiting my father. I hadn’t seen him in several years, and felt it was time for us to reunite. It was also a return to the city where I was born, and raised, and spent the first 38 years of [...]

Freelining with Mike Freeman: Happily forgetting Charlie.

Driving through the busy streets of Orlando on a recent afternoon, dressed in long-sleeve business attire, I could feel the August heat and humidity in all of its punishing oppression, and was reminded once again of just how slowly the air conditioning works when you first start up a boiling hot car. Alas, my mood [...]

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