Kassting Inc. is looking for couples for a possible reality series.
Kassting Inc. is looking for couples for a possible reality series.

It sounds like the kind of ad that gets listed by an eccentric – not to mention decidedly kinky – individual on one of those swinging singles websites: the tag line sums it up: “Are you in a monogamous relationship?”
Okay, let’s say you are. What’s it to you?
The ad comes not from an erotic dating site, though, but from Rebecca Greenberg, who is definitely eager to have couples email her at rebecca@kasstinginc.com if they are available.
She’s not looking to spice things up in the bedroom, though, but rather to find couples who would enjoy some national television exposure.
“I am currently casting couples for a new reality series,” Greenberg notes in her email. “Perhaps you or someone you know wants to be on TV and would be interested in applying!”
In the era of naughty reality series like “Dating Naked”, couples, it would seem, are fully in demand by today’s audiences. And the casting call comes from Kassting Inc., a Los Angeles firm that bills itself as a “full service, reality casting company, capable of handling all projects no matter how small or large. Our team of casting professionals is the best in the business! We are skilled at researching unique projects, recruiting, setting up open calls, interviewing, managing large-scale casting finals and most of all delivering the perfect cast. We have relationships with the best background check companies, medical doctors and psychologists working in television today.”
Whew! So what are they looking for now?
Simple: couples in a monogamous relationship.
“Two major powerhouse production companies have teamed up with a major cable network,” noted Greenberg, Kassting’s casting producer.
As a result, Kassting is sponsoring an open casting call targeting residents of Los Angeles, Phoenix and South Florida – although Greenberg adds, “We’re considering couples nationwide.”
The call is for monogamous couples for “a 21 day experiment that will explore the boundaries of their relationship,” Greenberg noted, adding that they “must be interested in the possibility of exploring an ‘open relationship’ for three weeks.”
Welcome to La Dolce Vita, American-style.
“Chosen participants will receive free couples counseling along the way,” Greenberg noted.
The deadline to apply is Monday, Dec. 1, and the basic requirements are not exactly strict or rigid: being in a monogamous relationship, 18 and older, and a U.S. citizen.
To qualify, couples should fill out an online application at Kassting Inc., send an email to Rebecca@kasstinginc.com with their name, phone number, city and state – and a “recent G-rated photo of the couple, and tell us about a little bit about yourselves,” Greenberg added.
No details yet on what the show will be about, although anyone with a brain or who has spent more than a few hours watching reality shows like “Dating Naked” and “Naked and Afraid” can probably guess this one in two seconds.
Good luck, one and all.

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