Jeanne Kline was arrested on July 26 and charged with grand theft.
KISSIMMEE – A property management firm is launching a media offensive, urging the public not to rush to judgment following the arrest of the company’s owner on theft charges.
“The public relations blitz is starting today, because what has been reported is not factual,” said Jeff Chase, spokesman for Magical Memories, a vacation home property management firm on Poinciana Boulevard off U.S. 192.
Last week, Osceola County detectives arrested Jeanne Kline, owner of Magical Memories, and charged her with grand theft. Chase said the firm is a good one, and he promised that when the truth comes out, Kline will be fully vindicated.
“She employs 50 people here,” Chase said. “It’s just ludicrous that she would in any way attempt to steal furniture. We’ve been in the area for 15 years. We’re one of the larger property managers in the area. We have an excellent client track record.”
The arrest has generated a huge amount of buzz within the fast growing vacation home industry, and the trade association representing property managers – the Central Florida Vacation Rental Managements Association – is likely to have its ethics board investigate the arrest. Members sign an ethics contract with they join the association, and both Kline and Chase belong to it.
The case started last month, after someone contacted the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office to say she had visited one of the vacation homes managed by Kline’s firm. According to the police report, the woman told deputies she noticed the furniture and décor didn’t belong to the owner, who was foreclosing on the property. Detectives also said they had interviewed one of Kline’s employees, who told them Kline had removed the victim’s furniture and décor from the home and replaced it with less expensive items. Kline was arrested and charged with grand theft, dealing in stolen property and theft by a motel employee, and booked into the Osceola County Jail.
Chase said the charges were overblown, and the situation completely misunderstood.
“The situation is that we had an owner that we had a five year relationship with, and she allowed her condo to go into foreclosure,” Chase said. “She asked us if we would be interested in purchasing the furniture. We were not all that interested, so we offered her $200 for it.”
The owner, who lives in New York, declined, Chase said.
“The house had been rented out, and Realtors had been in and out since then,” he said. “Then a friend of the owner came over there and said, ‘You’re missing towels, hampers, a playpen, pillows, some soft goods.’ Never, ever, ever was it suggested any furniture was taken. But the owner said, ‘Look, you took this stuff,’ and we needed to replace it. We said we didn’t take this stuff, we shouldn’t have to replace this stuff.
“Then all of a sudden we received an email from her that she now wanted $3,500 for pain and suffering,” Chase added. “She wanted us to waive her management fees and take no commission from bookings. A few days later the sheriff’s deputies came by our office.”
While speaking with the Osceola detectives, Chase said, “the employee said she thought she might know where some of the things were, and thought they might be in our warehouse. From there, this has just exploded into this nightmare. The police officers told Jeanne, ‘Look, either pay $3,500 to the victim or we’ll arrest you.’ “
Chase said the furniture has been donated to Tampa Christian Supply by the owner on July 8, and that nothing had been stolen. He said the owner has no case against them.
“I don’t know how she came up with $3,500,” he said. “She owes the homeowners association $6,000. The bottom line is Jeanne Kline didn’t steal anything, and the affidavit (for the arrest warrant) doesn’t say she took anything. The affidavit does not state that Jeanne took or replaced any furniture. It says soft goods, pillows, towels or hampers were taken from the property. She was basically blackmailing us into paying her $3,500.”
Kline’s attorney, Ernest J. Mullins of Kissimmee, issued a statement noting that a “review of the affidavit supporting the (arrest) warrant does not in any way indicate that Jeanne Kline committed the alleged crime as reported by both the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department and local news agencies, and furthermore the claims made in the affidavit are preposterous and are being strenuously disputed.”
Mullins said the contents of the house had been donoted to Tampa Christian Supply by the property owner, Sharita Rivera.
“Jeanne Kline has been an Osceola County resident since 1980 and has owned Magical Memories since 1995,” Mullins wrote. “She is a law-abiding citizen with no track record or history of wrongdoing. The charges and arrest of Jeanne Kline are a tragic overstatement and misuse of our legal system. Jeanne Kline adamantly denies any wrong doing and will fight the charges vigorously to clear both her name and that of her company’s.”
Chase added that when all the facts come out, “We feel confident there’s no case. No where in the affidavit does it say Jeanne Kline stole anything. This was a civil matter that the police probably should never have gotten involved in.”

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  1. Orlando Property Management says:
    “Even if the allegations aren’t true, it’s stuff like this that give property managers a bad name.”

    It sure is. I wish people would not make false accusations but sometimes it happens.

    property management in orlando
    “what causes people do be so dishonest and irresponsible?”

    What causes people to jump to a conclusion of guilt?

    This is the United States of America, where upon last check we are innocent until proven guilty. This woman is indeed innocent and will be found to be so in a court of law.

  2. I am a Magical Memories client and had not been able to visit our property in some time. When visiting this fall I found numerous items missing from our place – brand new videos, a video game system, books, and a crib were all gone. Magical Memories said they could not be responsible for making sure these items remained in our place and said that a guest may have taken them. Is this incident a coincidence? Either way I don’t feel like the magament company was performing their jon that we pay them a monthly fee for.

  3. We would love to stop guests from stealing items; however, the true hard facts are that robbers take vacations too. We try our hardest to charge people for missing items, but they deny the charges from their credit card company. We could spend thousands of dollars for attorneys to prosecute on behalf of the owner, but that would not make since for the cost of the items. That is why we noted to you in our agreement not to have additional items like videos, books, & games out that you would not want to lose. The lodging business does not do background checks and the industry has been forced to believe that the guest is always right.

  4. When lies are told, the truth always prevails. I have had people contact me from Canada, from Europe and local Real Estate Agents in the Osceola area about how they have all have property taken while under the management of Magical Memories. One lady told me that her and her husband put all brand new furniture in their unit and when they returned there was furniture that they didn’t even recognize. Old furniture that didn’t even belong to them. Don’t think Jean or Magical Memories will get away with what you are doing, because you won’t. And remember Shelley. I spoke with her also, she was a very trusted employee that worked with Magical Memories for 5 years or more. Don’t think that you can slander me and steal my property and get away with it. I never asked for $3,500 for pain and suffering. I wanted what was due to me and my stolen item transported to Tampa as your staff said they would do if I signed a non-disclosure statement. Don’t get the situation twisted because you are the liars and I will prevail. The statements made in this article are lies and we will soon have the truth.

  5. Ms. Rivera,

    Like you said justice has prevailed and the judge has thrown out the case. Everything you have said to the police & media are lies and we can prove it. We have been in business for over 17 years and have never had to deal with such a bad person. You Ms Rivera are the liar, claiming to the news that we stole everything not the small list you original gave to us. And yes, you wanted $3,500 for $50 worth of junk. We don’t know why you wanted $3,500 when you owed the HOA over $6,000, owed a lot in real estate taxes and the mortgage. It’s time now for the public to know exactly what you have done to us and this area. Our civil attorney will be in contact soon with a defamation suit that will keep you up for years.


    1. She just ripped us off for $20,000. Booked our homes and never paid…..will see her in court.

      PLEASE, NO ONE have anything to do with the company MAGICAL MEMORIES ON POINCIANA BLVD KISSIMMEE FL, they are THIEVES

  7. We let them use our resort homes and they took us for nearly $20,000.00.
    We asked for a meeting and they had their director os sales Steve Lopez handle the meeting. They agreed an undisputed amount of nearly $13,000 and then said they would pay me $4,000.00 now and the rest in instalments.
    They TOOK CLIENTS MONEY and then kept it. We are taking them to court shortly and will announce the results in due course. Jean Kline is a career criminal .
    They didnt hand over the tax to the county until we reported them.
    If you are a management company looking for reservations…… look elsewhere. There are plenty of good suppliers. We get 25,000 people a year through the door for our homes and companies are always looking to partner. Some of them are good honest and pay.
    Magical Memories owners are simply Blue Collar Thieves.

  8. Just in case there is any doubt, the Osceola County Sheriffs department found some of the items and found Jean Kline Guilty of Grand Theft. She was Jailed for the crime. Hoorah. Please see below an article taken from the Osceola County Sheriffs department website.

    Osceola County, Florida – Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives arrested Jeannine Kline, owner of Magical Memories, a Kissimmee-based property management company, and charged her with Grand Theft. The investigation began on July 6 when deputies responded to 2476 Sweetwater Circle, Unit 106, in Kissimmee. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with friend of the vacation rental owner who indicated she was checking on the property and upon entering, noticed the furniture and décor did not belong to the owner. She told deputies the owner was foreclosing on the property and in mid-June had spoken with Kline about purchasing the furniture and décor. Kline had offered to pay $200, an amount much lower than the $2,000 the owner was requesting. They did not agree on the purchase. Based on a statement Kline made to the victim, detectives interviewed her regarding the incident. Kline denied taking the property but did tell detectives she was working with the victim to resolve the issue.

    Detectives also spoke with Kline’s employee who cooperated with the investigation. The employee told detectives she was aware Kline had the victim’s furniture and décor removed and replaced it with less expensive items. Based on the information an arrest warrant was obtained. Kline was arrested and charged with Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property and Theft by Motel Employee. She was booked into the Osceola County Jail. Some of the stolen property was recovered at her business located at 2801 N. Poinciana Boulevard in Kissimmee.

    Jeannine Kline (DOB 1/19/43), 249 Strathmore Circle, Kissimmee

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