The Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jerry Ulrey on Thursday. He is awaiting trial from 2012 on child pornography charges.
POINCIANA — It started with a complaint, that the Poinciana man was smoking too much pot and becoming verbally abusive toward his family.
That led to an investigation by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.
What they discovered, deputies say, is a man who is awaiting trial on child pornography charges being re-arrested — for the same crime.
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office’s Computer Crimes detectives just arrested 60-year-old Jerry Ulrey of 314 Dogfish Way in Poinciana, and charged him with possession of child pornography.
This was not for the first time, though, noted Donna Wood, public information officer for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.
“Ulrey was arrested in 2012 and charged with multiple counts of possession of child pornography,” Wood noted. “After the 2012 arrest, Ulrey was released on bond with pretrial conditions and has not yet gone to trial for the original charges.”
The new investigation started with a complaint made to the sheriff’s office by Ulrey’s wife, Wood noted.
“Detectives received information that Ulrey was using marijuana and that his wife and family were growing fearful of his verbally abusive behavior,” Wood noted.
Detectives, working with the State Attorney’s Office of the 10th Judicial Circuit, opened an investigation, and ended up arresting Ulrey at his home — which detectives would report was in a horrible state.
“Ulrey was located in the master bedroom of the residence,” Wood noted. “The living conditions were described as deplorable, with indications the suspect did not leave the master bedroom for long periods of time.”
There was trash and old food scattered around the bedroom floor, Wood noted, while a small refrigerator with more food was in the room.
Ulrey was also found in possession of K-2, an imitation form of marijuana that is often sold as a potpouri, but is smoked to get the same effects as marijuana. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has been particularly aggressive in the past few years in trying to crack down on the sale and use of K2 and other forms of imitation pot.
Wood noted that Ulrey was also in possession of an iPad, which detectives found on the desk next to his bed. Because of the pending 2012 charges against him for possession of child pornography, Ulrey is banned from using an Ipad as a condition of his pre-trial release, Wood noted.
Ulrey was arrested and transported the Polk County Jail, where he now faces 21 counts of possession of obscene materials, and violation of pretrial conditions. He is being held on no bond.

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