Lyndon DeLeon Scott, 20, faces charges that include armed sexual battery and false imprisonment.
POINCIANA — Late on Monday, Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives arrested a man accused of knocking on a woman’s door while claiming he needed to use her phone, only to break into her house and sexually assault the victim.
Lyndon DeLeon Scott, 20, of 741 Leonardo Court in Poinciana, was arrested and charged with armed burglary, armed sexual battery, false imprisonment, battery and depriving a victim of 911 assistance.
“Scott was brought in for questioning and initially cooperated with detectives,” noted Twis Lizasuain, public information officer for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, in her report on the arrest. “He told them he entered the residence but did not admit to the sexual battery.”
Scott was arrested anyway, Lisasuain said, because the victim was able to positively identify him as the man who had assaulted her.
Scott was booked into the Osceola County Jail.
The alleged assault, detectives say, happened on Monday, Jan. 14. Around 8:56 that morning, deputies received a call from a woman at a residence on Lucaya Drive in Poinciana. The victim told deputies that around 7 a.m., a man she didn’t know — and later identified by the victim as Scott — came to her door and continuously rang the doorbell.
“The victim looked out the window and recognized the suspect as someone who had previously come to her residence to request to use the telephone,” Lizasuain noted. “The victim did not answer the door but was frightened so, she hid in her residence.”
According to the victim, Scott got into her home through an unlocked back door and forced her to perform a sex act, then left.
Based on the victim’s description, Lizasuain said, detectives were able to quickly track down the suspect in the neighborhood.
A few days earlier, on Jan. 11, Osceola detectives made another arrest, but this time they say the victim was not an adult woman, but two young children who were put into a potentially dangerous situation by their own father.
Deputies arrested Brian Byrd, 38, of 2231 Granger Ave. in Kissimmee, in this separate case.
Deputies had gotten a call that day around 9:30 p.m. about a fight between a husband and wife — and a possible child neglect situation going on at the Granger Avenue home. When deputies arrived, Byrd told them he and his wife had been arguing and she left the home, even though she was supposed to be watching her friend’s two-year-old child.
Brian Byrd is facing child neglect charges.

“Byrd told his wife he was not going to watch the child,” Lizasuain said, adding that the wife left the house anyway. The couple’s own two children, ages 10 and 6, were also in the house at the time.
Rather than look after the children, “Byrd began throwing all of his wife’s personal belongings outside the residence, then he left the house with the children still inside,” Lizasuain said, adding that this scared the children and prompted them to leave the home alone.
“The children walked approximately half a mile to find their mother, who was at a friend’s house,” Lizasuain said. “They all returned to the residence on Granger Avenue. A short time later, the two-year-old’s mother picked her up.”
Byrd admitted to deputies that he had left the children alone, but claimed it was just for a short time because he needed to go to the store.
But that was enough to lead to Byrd being arrested and charged with child neglect.
“The investigation is on-going, with additional charges pending,” Lizasuain noted.

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