A press conference will be held on Thursday, June 14 for the launching of the new non-fiction book "Targeted!" about the failure of the courts to protect and uphold the right of free speech.
ORLANDO — The Phoenix Network and Freeline Media will host a book launching ceremony on Thursday, June 14 for the new non-fiction novel “Targeted!”
The political non-fiction book was written by Michael W. Freeman, the publisher and editor of Freeline Media, the online magazine covering Central Florida. The book looks at a group of conservative political activists who believe their free speech rights got curbed by the very institution expected to most strongly uphold those rights, the local courts. One of those conservative activists is Doug Guetzloe, an independent political consultant, founder of the Ax the Tax grassroots organization, and founder of the Phoenix Network, the online radio station and host news Web site, www.Phoenixnetwork.U.S.
Guetzloe and Freeman will be at the book launching ceremony, which will be held at The Phoenix Network studio at 545 Delaney Ave., Building 2, in the Hovey Court complex in downtown Orlando.
The event will be part of an open house at the studio, from 5-7 p.m.
“Targeted!” is now available as an eBook for $6.99 on Kindle and Createspace through the Amazon.com site, and can also be ordered in paperback or hardcover edition. It looks at numerous citizens and political activists in Central Florida who discovered that exercising their right to free speech came with a steep price, and far more serious consequences than they had ever anticipated — including two men who spent time in jail for exercising free speech in the political arena.
Although most people believe the courts are the final protector of our free speech rights, these activists have a story to tell that suggests otherwise.
For one thing, they know what it’s like to be in jail — for “crimes” related to the exercise of free speech.
The book launching ceremony will be held at the Phoenix Network studio at 545 Delaney Ave. in downtown Orlando.

After more than two decades as a reporter and editor in journalism, Freeman is now offering his second published book, “Targeted!” His first, published in 2011, was the suspense/fiction novel “The New Boarder.”
In addition to working for major news dailies as a reporter with The New York Times Regional Group, Freeman has taught journalism and communications at the college level, in a course that he created entirely on his own, without the aid of a printed textbook.
Freeman said he would also use the event to talk about the newly designed Freeline Media site.
“Thanks to the terrific work of LR WebDesigns, Freeline Media has a great new look that’s proven to be very appealing to our readers, and we’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback on it,” Freeman said.
Light refreshments will be served at the event.

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