Are you feeling romantic ... but having a problem? The makers of Regenerect say this dietary supplement does the trick.
ORLANDO — Preston Simpson admits that sometimes he gets greeted with skepticism. Within days, though, he’s getting phone calls from people eagerly thanking him.
“Every person I approach, they say they don’t have a problem, it’s not for them,” Simpson said. “And I tell them it’s not just for people with a problem, it can help anyone. Well, they’re calling me back in two or three days, thanking me.”
In part, he said, that’s because he’s able to introduce them to a product designed to promote and improve their health, naturally. But it’s also, he added, one with a very specific purpose: to improve sexual performance.
“Most people say it’s a form of Viagra, but it’s really not,” Simpson said. “I had a couple that was 70 years old and they told me they hadn’t had any sexual encounters in a while. Once they tried it, they thanked me for getting their sex life back.”
The product’s name — Regenerect — or the web site with information about it — — hint at what the product aims to accomplish. Produced and sold by Regeneca International Inc. of Irvine, Calif., it’s billed as a natural male erectile stimulant, a dietary supplement that’s a drug free blend of herbal ingredients that enhance and support sexual response.
“It’s completely drug free,” said Simpson, who is a distributor of the product in Orlando. “There’s no drugs in it at all.”
The literature on this product that Simpson distributes in Orlando notes that Regenerect has been tested at Research Triangle Park Laboratories Inc., and has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration as being safe to use.
“It has been approved,” Simpson said. “It would have been out about two years ago, but they had to keep bringing it back to make sure it was perfect. It’s nothing like Viagra or Avandia.”
The literature notes that “Sexual activity is a contributor to a satisfying and healthy life. A man’s sexual activity gradually decreases as a result of age. Regenerect can help to counteract this decrease, enhance the overall quality of the man’s sexual experience, as well as lengthening the duration of sexual performance.”
“They say it’s for erectile dysfunction, but it can be mainly an enhancement,” Simpson said. “When I first got involved with it, I tried the product myself to see if it works, and I can tell you it really works. When you see your partner, you’re ready. It’s not something you have to wait on, like Viagra.”
It also helps people cope with other health issues beyond sexual performance, he said.
“I knew someone with prostate cancer who didn’t have a consistent flow of urine,” he said. “After he tried this, he didn’t have that problem anymore. It’s something that helps not just sexual performance. It promotes your health. It’s really heathy, and it helps you all around in other ways.”
Regenerect has been around for about a year, Simpson said, and can be purchased online through the Regeneca web site.
One pill cost $20, and they can be sold in packs of 50 or 100. To learn more, call Simpson at 561-932-2723.
But the question is whether men and women, regardless of age, can improve sexual performance without turning to any medication for assistance. Dr. Darren Hollander, a chiropractor who runs Orlando Family Chiropractic, said exercise is a far better solution than dietary supplements, though he says those can help.
“The biggest reasons for erectile dysfucntion are lifestyle problems and problems related to stress,” he said. “I’ve definitely come across the issue of erectile dysfuction in my practice, not only for men but also for women.”
The main reason for reduced sexual performance, he said, is low testosterone levels. Exercise, which increases the body’s blood flow, helps raise those levels, Hollander said.
“The most natural way to increase sexual activity or to help erectile dysfuction is to promote the natural production of testosterone in men and women, and the thing that does that best is exercise, particularly aerobic exercise,” he said. “It helps blood flow. The reason that helps for sexual activity is you need oxygen and blood flow to keep an erection. Viagra was originally a medicine for heart disease, but because it improves blood flow it increases sexual activity and helps promote testosterone.”
Hollander said he has no objection to using dietary supplements, although he often recommends that his patients try a different product called LibidoStim.
“It’s a herbal supplement, and it has a kind of mixture of different herbs and things that will help promote testosterone production,” he said. “I recommend these supplements. People taking them have benefitted from them, but it’s more important that people address the things that are really bothering them or really stressing them out and causing anxiety. By doing that, combined with good exercise routines or even chiropractic adjustments, I’ve been able to help people in that way.
“The problem is not always very intuitive or obvious,” he added. “Usually you can do a little detective work and figure out where the problem is coming from. There really is no magic pill for curing this.”
Hollander said he’s not familiar with Regenerect, and recommended that anyone interested in the product do some research on it first.
“There’s thousands of products like that out there,” he said. “You can find them at grocery stores and vitamin shops. They’re a huge industry. But people looking for these products are missing the big picture. Exercise is the best way to start.”

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