The housing market in Orlando keeps getting stronger, and now Orlando Vacation Realty has some useful tips for home buyers.
The housing market in Orlando keeps getting stronger, and now Orlando Vacation Realty has some useful tips for home buyers.

DAVENPORT – As Central Florida’s housing market continues to heat up, Orlando Vacation Realty LLC, the firm providing real estate and short-term rentals in Central Florida, just released some hot tips for national and international buyers who are considering purchasing a home in the Orlando area.
Whether you’re moving to Orlando or investing in a second home here, Orlando Vacation Realty wants you to understand just how smart that decision is today. That’s why the real estate firm based in Davenport just released its guide on the “Top 10 Reasons to Buy in Orlando.”
The highlights are:
1) Weather!: This past winter was one of the coldest on record for many states, with temperatures routinely falling well below zero. Chicago experienced more snow than at any time in decades. The rough winter weather has been blamed for a temporary slowdown in the nation’s economy. In Florida, though, “cold” meant a rare, occasional morning in the 40s. Nobody sells show shovels here. On the other hand, T-shirt sales stay brisk all year round.
2) Recreation: Across the entire globe, Orlando is ranked among the top tourism destinations. The region boasts of some of the nation’s best loved theme parks (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Resort, SeaWorld Resort) and we are adding new attractions all the time. We are also known for our golf courses, natural beauty and lakes, and stunning beaches.
3) Market Recovery: The real estate market in Orlando is one of the fastest growing in the state – and the nation. The recovery here has been much faster than other cities, including Miami. Home prices are increasing, but remain at a level that still appeals to the average family, with the median price at $165,000. In downtown Orlando, a host of new apartment complexes are being built to meet demand for a downtown lifestyle. There’s no question that Orlando’s housing market today is much healthier – and resilient – than it has been in a decade.
4) Orlando is back! Homes in the city are selling faster than ever, helped by the fact that prices are still affordable for young families. That means if you buy now, the value of your home is certain to appreciate.
5) Price value: Where else can you purchase a three bed/2 bathroom home with a private swimming pool — for prices starting at $165k and up?
6) Vacation homes: Orlando remains the vacation home capital of the world. More and more visitors are discovering the pleasure of staying in a fully furnished house, with multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, a game room for the kids, and a private pool, rather than cramming the entire family into one hotel room. This industry has become an integral part of the Central Florida hospitality and tourism economy, and continues to grow.
7) Location, Location: Orlando is centrally located in Florida, within easy reach of both coasts, and some of the most magnificent beaches in the world.
8) Dining in Splendor: No matter what kind of food you like, whether you prefer large restaurants or quaint, cozy ones, Orlando is an international delight when it comes to dining choices. We are also home to some of the world’s greatest chefs who are drawn to working within the kitchens of our magnificent luxury resorts.
9) Cost of living: Unlike New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles, Orlando remains a highly affordable place to live, work, and play, and no one could argue that it’s simply too expensive to live here.
10) A metropolitan oasis: Orlando has everything a big city needs: live theater, museums, historic sites, a performing arts center, the Amway arena that hosts concerts and sports, shopping and dining along Hyperlink CodeInternational Drive, and plenty of culture. But it still retains something of a small town feel that is inviting and appealing to so many.
An Flamand is the founder of Orlando Vacation Realty.
An Flamand is the founder of Orlando Vacation Realty.
Orlando Vacation Realty was founded by An Flamand. Born and raised in Antwerp Belgium, An began a modeling career in Europe; working in France, Germany and Belgium. She became Miss Belgium in 1985, which led her to participating in the Miss World in London and Miss Universe in Miami.
It was while visiting Miami at the age of 18 that An decided someday she would move to the United States, and she did follow her dreams in September 2000, when An relocated to the Orlando area, and founded her first company, USA Vacation Homes & Spa. Based in Davenport, it’s a property management company that oversees short and long term rentals, with a special focus on the vacation home industry. An has always aimed to bring a higher standard of service to clients and guests in this growing field.
In addition to maintaining the highest standards in luxury homes, An added full ‘in-home’ Spa services, making USA Vacation Homes and Spa the only management company to offer this unique experience.
The houses that An markets through USA Vacation Homes and Spa are always impeccably maintained, and are often used for the filming of popular television shows, including those on the Discovery Channel. Her homes have also been popular with VIPs visiting the Orlando area.
An is also the founder, president and real estate broker of Orlando Vacation Realty, LLC. An specializes in assisting clients for investment purposes, and helping families find the home of their dreams.
To learn more, call (001)8634243580 or (001) 407-739-0495.
For more information locally on Orlando Vacation Realty, call 863-424-3835.

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