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ORLANDO — If you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent, is Real Estate Express the best option for you?
For anyone exploring a career in real estate, obtaining your degree online seems like an economic and efficient option, particularly if you don’t want to spend two or more years in college. People looking to change careers after years in the workforce like that option, since they can continue working a full-time job while studying online at night. But the same is also true of students coming right out of high school who are accustomed to online studies and like the idea of getting their degree more quickly than they could at a traditional college.

Not surprisingly, these trends haven’t exactly gone unnoticed, which is why the number of online real estate schools keeps expanding. And one that’s been around for a while and built up a solid reputation is Real Estate Express, which offers anyone interested in obtaining a real estate license the opportunity to study at home, save money on their education costs, and even enjoy the option of continuing education through articles about trends in real estate and contact information on the real estate commissions in all 50 states.

Why Are Sites Like Real Estate Express Popular?

Today, online classes provided by sites like Real Estate Express meet a lot of needs in our digital age, and students are responding by signing up because of the conveniences they offer. (Anyone who has ever gotten out of work at 5 p.m., then braved rush hour traffic to get to campus, find parking, then zip over to their classroom knows how appealing studying at home is.)

That’s why some universities have expanded to give students the option of obtaining an online certificate at a reduced cost, requiring less time to complete than traditional classroom degrees. For example, the American Public University System has an undergraduate online certificate in real estate management that’s 18 credit hours — far less than the 60 hours it takes to get an associate degree. And it doesn’t require students to fulfill other general requirements.

Cornell University has eCornell, which offers certificates in either commercial real estate or hotel real estate investments and asset management.

Still, sites like Real Estate Express are bypassing traditional college classrooms altogether and offering full real estate online degrees.

These online classes are definitely appealing to students under age 25 since they’re more economical and less time-intensive than a traditional college degree program.

So what other advantages can an online setting offer?

The flexibility students need to obtain their license while working a full-time job in another field;
The ability to complete the program within a few months, rather than the two or more years required for a degree;
The opportunity for students to study at their own pace and not be tied to a specific schedule.

Real Estate Express has become popular for offering more of what real estate students are looking for — such as a Property Management elective, which could become a solid asset to show prospective employers.

Real Estate Express also offers a book of practice exams for students who want to prep for their final test.

What Is Real Estate Express?

So what is Real Estate Express? The site has become a national leader in online learning for pre-licensing, continuing education and professional development. Founded in 1996, they’ve helped launch thousands of successful real estate careers since then through a nationally accredited platform.

Through their coursework, students can:

  1. Take the licensing course to obtain a certificate of completion that’s required for their license application;
  2. Take a real estate test prep program that ensures they’re studying the right exam material;
  3. Use the site’s Real Estate Career Hub to get information, resources and tips on finding a brokerage firm that matches their career goals;
  4. Get their salesperson license, then use continuing education courses to upgrade it;
  5. Access their Real Estate Express Blog, which provides everything from how-to guides to expert advice and the latest news within the industry.

The goal of Real Estate Express has been to arm students with the tools needed to launch their careers, in a way suitable to their needs. Convenience truly is the key word here: instructors are available to assist them, and students get access to the courses 24/7, with content that’s specific to their state.

Can online degrees satisfy state licensing requirements? The answer is yes. Most states have a prerequisite number of hours of coursework that needs to be completed at an accredited real estate school, and Real Estate Express has that accreditation.
To become a student at Real Estate Express, you can send them an email through their website or call them at 844-701-2946 (Enrollment) or 866-739-7277, or text them at 314-590-7191.

You can also create an account with them through their Customer Login page or use it to register online.

It should be noted that while Real Estate Express works to educate students who want to be Realtors, they also continue to educate the entire industry by doing research and taking surveys on different trends within this field. For example, Real Estate Express recently surveyed agents around the country on which career paths seemed the most profitable, and found it depends on the agent’s specialty. Their nationwide survey did find that some specialties were more profitable than others, such as agents who specialize in eco-friendly buildings that are LEED-certified, which are highly in demand in many urban areas.

What Other Options Are Available For Online Education?

Of course, Real Estate Express is not the only online real estate school, and it’s worth checking out some alternatives and finding the ones where the coursework matches up most closely to the requirements in your home state.

Other online schools include:

  1. AceableAgent
  2. Brightwood/Kaplan Real Estate Education
  3. Career Webschool/OnCourse Learning
  4. Champions School of Real Estate
  5. Tampa School of Real Estate
  6. Florida Real Estate School
  7. Gold Coast Schools
  8. 360 Training

Whatever you choose, an online school like Real Estate Express offers a lower-cost alternative to traditional colleges and an option where you can study at your own pace, find courses that match your career goals and gain access to a lot of useful tools once you’re ready to begin job hunting.

Michael Freeman is an Orlando journalist, playwright, and author of the terrifying book “Bloody Rabbit”. Contact him at

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