KISSIMMEE — Angry neighbors.
Neighbors with knives.
And an explosion of violence that led to no fewer than nine arrests.
Those nine suspects were all taken into custody by Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives following a neighborhood brawl that led to two people getting stabbed, then being airlifted to Osceola Regional Medical Center.
And according to detectives, it all started when two men refused to walk away from a woman who asked to be left alone.
According to the police report, on Sept. 16 Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies got a call about an incident at Silver Lake Court in the Morningside Mobile Home Park in Kissimmee.
This crime is even being called the “Morningside Mobile Home Park incident” by the sheriff’s office.
When deputies got to the scene, one of the residents, Laurie Bihailo, told them she had been sitting on the porch with two other women — Madelee Hernandez and Erica Hernandez, who is just 13 years old — when two men approached them. Those men were later identified as Daniel Nichols and Donnell Frazier.
The women, deputies said, asked the two men to leave them alone.
Nichols and Frazier, deputies added, refused.
That led to the confrontation when two other men, Ivan Hernandez and Heriberto Hernandez, came out of their mobile homes, armed with knives.
From there, it got a lot more violent and confrontational, said Twis Lizasuain, the public information officer for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, in her report on the case.
“The armed disturbance spilled into the street and to another address on the same street,” Lizasuain said.
That was when two other neighbors, Natasha McPherson and Randy Lamar Modeste, jumped in. As more people got involved, the fighting got more violent.
“Many subjects became armed with bricks and the altercation escalated, which led to Nichols and Frazier being airlifted to ORMC, due to stab wounds which were non-life threatening injuries,” Lizasuain noted.
Ivan Hernandez also sustained a head injury in this fight, which several witnesses — including several of those arrested — claimed was a “result of an on-going neighborhood dispute,” Lizasuain said.
Detectives had the task of rounding up all the residents involved in this fever-pitched battle afterwards.
“Based on the statements and evidence, felony warrants were issued for the suspects,” Lizasuain said.
All nine became neighbors a second time — when they were all booked together into the Osceola County Jail. All, that is, except for Erica Hernandez, whose mother bonded her out.
Arrested were Hernandez, 13, Laurie Bahailo, 38, Madalee Herandez, 32, and Natasha I. McPherson, 24, all charged with rioting and battery; Randy Lamar Modeste II, 19, charged with rioting, battery, and aggravated assault; Ivan Hernandez, 39, and Heriberto Hernandez, 48, both charged with aggravated battery, rioting, battery, and aggravated assault; and Daniel M. Nichols, 23, and Donnell T. Frazier, 21, both charged with aggravated battery, rioting, battery, and trespassing.

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