Where can the region’s visitors find comedy, mystery and fine dining? Check out Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theatre on International Drive. (Photo by Michael Freeman).
ORLANDO – Let’s say that as a theater patron, you love a good mystery.
Imagine that you also happen to enjoy a really good comedy as well. You just can’t decide which one you want to attend.
If you’re also looking for a good place to have dinner as well, there’s a spot on International Drive that’s spent years developing just the right combination of a fine meal, a tough-to-resolve mystery – and plenty of laughter along the way, said Lucia A. McArthur.
“You’re going to witness a crime on stage and then you try to solve it,” said McArthur, the manager of reservations and guest relations for Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Shows, the theater on International Drive.
Sleuth’s is open seven nights a week, and promises “murder and intrigue” in its advertising.
“If you guess correctly, you can win a prize,” McArthur said. Fortunately, there is no penalty if you make the wrong guess.
On Thursday, the dinner theater at 8267 International Drive hosted the monthly meeting of the Central Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association, the trade group that represents property managers who oversee the region’s vacation homes.
Those are houses that come completely furnished, and provide multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, private pool and game room to the region’s visitors and tourists coming here on a short-term basis.
McArthur – who serves as Sleuth’s representative on the CFVRMA – said she wanted to get the word out to the industry’s guests that if they’re looking for an evening of entertainment that includes a meal, a murder, a mystery, and some humorous mayhem, they should consider a stop at Sleuth’s during their Central Florida vacation.
“It’s a different show every night,” she said.
Ben Wavell, Sleuth’s marketing manager, said the dinner theater hosts popular comedy/mysteries like “The Reunion,” “Squire’s Inn,” and “Lord Mansfield’s Fox.” The shows begin at 7:30 p.m. and the audience is given clues about who may have committed the crime.
But that’s not all Sleuth’s has to offer, he added.
“On Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 10, we have our magic shows,” Wavell said. Known as “A Little Night Magic,” tickets are $10 and open to adults and children over the age of 14.
“It’s only $5 if you go after our dinner show takes place,” Wavell said.
Then there’s Mama’s Comedy Show, a comedy improve performance with the humor based in part on audience suggestions.
“It’s a great show and we do it every Friday night,” Wavell said.
Not only that, he said, but Sleuth’s also makes its numerous theaters available for special events. Consider, for example, that the holidays are coming up, and what do residents and businesses alike enjoy hosting after Thanksgiving?
“We also do Christmas parties here,” Wavell said. “We’re starting to book those up right now.”
In addition to hosting the CFVRMA’s September meeting, the association members will be returning to Sleuth’s on Thursday, Sept. 27 – to see one of their shows, said Tim Justynski, the social chair for the association.
“Our next social event is next week, next Thursday in fact, here at Sleuth’s,” Justynski said. “It’s $27 and that includes the meal. It’s an excellent show.”
There are ten tickets left, he added, “And after those 10 are gone, we will be done.”
To learn more about Sleuth’s, call 407-363-1985 or 1-800-393-1985.

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