George King is expected to soon be facing drug charges.
KISSIMMEE — Sometimes it’s the neighbors who make it possible for law enforcement to do their job.
In the case of two arrests made on Wednesday, July 25, it was the strong chemical odor coming from a home on Hoagland Boulevard that broughts calls to local police, and prompted officers to investigate — and then bust — an alleged methamphetamine lab operating at the home.
And law enforcement officials are crediting neighbors who thought there was an awfully suspicious aroma coming from the house at 1026 S. Hoagland Boulevard in Kissimmee.
The calls from neighbors prompted the Osceola County Investigative Bureau to assist the Kissimmee Police Department in this drug investigation.
With good reason, said Twis Lizasuain, public information officer for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.
“Neighbors advised there was a strong chemical odor that was coming from the residence and witnesses observed the resident, George Calvin King, discarding suspicious items,” Lizasuain noted in her report on the case.
OCIB detectives got to the home first, and when the Kissimmee Police Department arrived, officers approached the home and knocked on the door.
The people living there — including King and his girlfriend, Jennifer Nicole Hopper — were home.
There was only one problem, Lizasuain noted: the couple refused to answer the door. That lasted for most of the day, she added.
“After hours of refusing to exit the residence, King, Hopper and a child exited the residence,” Lizasuain said, adding that something followed them out the door — the heavy smell of the drugs being manufactured in there. It was, she said, fairly overwhelming.
Jennifer Hooper was living at a home in Kissimmee where meth was being manufactured, police say.

“Due to the strong chemical odor, all three were decontaminated on scene,” Lizasuain said. “Initially it was believed that other children were still inside, but once entry was made it was determined no one else was inside the residence.”
OCIB agents got a search warrant for the residence and the Kissimmee Police Department SWAT team arrived and made their way inside, where OCIB agents found materials consistent with the ones used to manufacture the drug methamphetamine.
King, 30, and Hopper, 26, both of 1026 S. Hoagland Boulevard, were arrested by the Kissimmee Police Department and charged with resisting without violence, but that is not expected to be the only charges filed against them.
“The investigation is on-going,” Lizasuain noted, “with drug charges pending.”
The Osceola County Investigative Bureau is a multi-agency task force working in conjunction with the State Attorney’s Office. It’s comprised of Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies, St. Cloud Police Department officers, Kissimmee Police Department officers and Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents who investigate vice, narcotics and organized crime.

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