If a tourist in Central Florida gets sick during their vacation, they have another option besides finding the nearest hospital and waiting hours in the emergency room. (Photo by Michael Freeman).
FOUR CORNERS – For tourists flocking to this region for the holiday season, there are plenty of options when they get hungry – including not having to go out at all or leave their resort or vacation home to fight the long lines at area restaurants.
Even if they’re not in the mood to do any cooking, they can order out and have a wide variety of very specialized foods delivered right to their door.
But what if one member of the vacationing family gets sick? Does an ill-timed sickness mean the entire family needs to spend countless hours waiting to be examined at the nearest emergency room? Or does it mean a hunt for a local doctor whose office is open and who is accepting last-minute appointments?
There is another option available: a physician delivered right to the door of their resort, hotel room or vacation home, ready to help the patient get back to the theme parks as quickly as possible.
“We send house call doctors to the hotels and vacation homes,” said Ligia Root. “We pretty much bring the clinic to the guests, so it’s very convenient for them.”
Root is an account executive with The Medical Concierge, a company based at 6000 Turkey Lake Road, Suite 209, in Orlando. A part of EastCoast Medical Network Inc., the concept is simple: medical care provided exclusively to this region’s visitors and tourists.
That includes physician house calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and same-day dentist and specialist appointments.
In other words, if the patient doesn’t know where to go to find the physician, then the doctor comes directly to them.
Founded in 1980, the company has 12 house call doctors on staff, as well as nurses, paramedics, and translation services available for international visitors.
“Brazil is a big market for us,” Root said.
The Medical Concierge works to ensure that information about their service is readily available at local resorts, hotels and vacation homes, so guests know they have another option other than trying to find a nearby hospital.
“We see a lot of calls from the vacation homes,” Root said. “Now we’re pretty much pioneers in the vacation home industry.”
To reach The Medical Concierge, tourists can call 1-877-648-5252, or visit The Medical Concierge.
“Our nurses stay in our base offices,” Root said. “We always have more coverage in the morning. When the patient gets sick, they will call our nurses and they will triage that call. The guest is always going to talk to a nurse or medical staff there.”
Over the years, Root added, the firm’s nurses and doctors have gotten calls about every imaginable illness, ailment and condition – and been ready to help treat it.
“We get all kinds of questions and service requests,” she said. “We also have dentists who will see patients on the weekends.”
The Medical Concierge can also arrange for a tourist to get into a private clinic if more advanced medical testing is necessary, with priority scheduling available. Many of them located just minutes from the major attractions.
These clinics offer a mobile pharmacy, wheelchairs, mobile x-ray and ultrasound equipment, and IV therapy. The specialists working at these clinics are all board-certified, licensed Florida physicians.
There is direct insurance billing available, and billing for travel insurance plans as well, she said. Credit cards like American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard are also accepted.
To reach the Orlando office, call 407-648-5252.
To reach the office in South Lake County in Four Corners, call 1-877-648-5252.

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