girlfriend insulted his manhood
Tyler Marshall is accused of biting his girlfriend after she told him his penis is small.

BRADENTON – A 21-year-old Bradenton man spent a night in jail after the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said he bit his girlfriend on the tip of her nose after she complained that his penis is small.
Tyler Christopher Marshall, of Bradenton, was arrested by Manatee County Sheriff’s deputies on Monday, Nov. 19 and charged with battery. He was released the next day on $2,500 bond.
Marshall, who is listed in the Manatee County Jail inmate search as being 5 foot 7 inches tall and weighing 160 pounds, landed in jail at the start of Thanksgiving week due to an incident that happened a week earlier, on Tuesday Nov. 13, and reported to the sheriff’s office by the woman Marshall had been dating.
According to the probable cause arrest report, the victim, Brittany Siler, was in a dog park with Marshall when they began arguing, she insulted the length of his penis, and he bit her nose, as well as slapping and kicking Siler.
According to the report, Siler told deputies that she and Marshall were dating and living together. But they appear to have had a rather tumultuous relationship, since Siler told deputies that they had been asked to leave the home they were living at “because of their arguments,” the report states.
That led to the confrontation at a public park where the alleged battery incident occurred, deputies noted.
“Brittany stated that they were both hanging out at the dog park all day,” the report notes. Around 1 p.m., they got into another heated argument and Marshall said he wanted to break up with her, the arrest report claims.
“She stated that he was being verbally abusive to her, so (she) told him that ‘Your penis is small,’ ” according to the arrest report. “She stated that he then slapped her on the left side of the face with his right hand.”
The argument only escalated from there, deputies noted.
“She stated that she started crying and they started yelling at each other again,” the report states. “She stated that while face to face yelling, Tyler bit the tip of her nose.”
Marshall then left the area, deputies reported.
Siler also told deputies that a day earlier, Marshall had kicked her in the shin and bit her neck following another shouting match. Deputies took photos of “all the areas where Brittany stated that Tyler battered her,” and uploaded them to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office photo lab.
This is not Marshall’s first brush with the law. The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office also arrested him on June 13, and charged him with child abuse, threatening to commit violence, and failure to leave a property upon the order of the owner.
According to the Web site, domestic violence often is physical, but can be emotional and sexual as well.
“When people talk about domestic violence, they are often referring to the physical abuse of a spouse or intimate partner,” the site notes in its report titled “Domestic Violence and Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships.”
“Physical abuse is the use of physical force against someone in a way that injures or endangers that person,” it continues. “Physical assault or battering is a crime, whether it occurs inside or outside of the family. The police have the power and authority to protect you from physical attack.”

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