Eustis Police Chief Fred Cobb says his department in still investigating what happened at the group home for developmentally disabled adults.
EUSTIS – A local man has been arrested and charged with three counts of sexual battery on a 23 year old man – and the victim, police say, was living in a home for the developmentally disabled.
Kenneth Mar Hagins, 40, of Eustis, was recently arrested and charged by the Lake County Sheriff’s office with sexual battery and lewd and lascivious battery on a disabled person. He’s currently being held in the Lake County Jail on a $200,000 bond.
According to the Eustis Police Department, the assaults happened over the past six months at an adult group home for developmentally disabled adults, where the victim was a resident and Hagins worked as an employee. The group home was being operated by SunriseArc of Lake County.
The Eustis Police Department is still investigating the case to see if anyone else at the group home had been sexually abused.
Eustis Police Chief Fred A.M. Cobb said his department is working closely with the Lake County Sheriff’s office and the Florida Department of Children and Families “in an effort to identify any additional victims and to ensure these victims receive the support they require to deal with the trauma of being a victim of those types of serious offenses.
“Their well being,” the chief added, “is one of our paramount concerns.”
The investigation started on July 18, when the Eustis Police Department got a call from Florida Hospital Waterman about a sexual battery complaint.
When the officer got to the hospital, she was informed by staff that the victim was a resident of an assisted living group home for adults with diminished mental capacity.
Taken to the victim, the officer spoke to the 23-year-old man, who described how Hagins “took him into the bathroom and sodomized him,” the officer wrote in her arrest report.
Officers also spoke to staff members at the group home, who said the victim had complained about being in pain in his “private parts” and talked about how “Ken” had been “sexually bothering him.”
Upon further investigation, the Eustis Police Department found that Hagins had been accused of another sexual offense, this time at a group home in Mount Dora.
The officer said she met with an investigator from DCF, and they went to the group home together where they interviewed Frances Scott, the program manager, as well as other staff.
At the conclusion of the investigation, the officer wrote that based on statements from fellow staff members and from adults living at the group home, she was able to determine that there was probable cause that Hagins had in fact committed sexual battery – three counts – against a “mentally defective adult” by forcing him to engage in anal sex against his will.

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  1. He did not rap anyone…He is still sitting in jail for nothin.They are keeping him in jail based on words not evidence no one is testifying so therefore they need to release him..If this is what the justice system is like.. The world is coming to an end 😀

  2. I have known Kenneth my whole life, and I sincerely hope that these accusations are untruths. If all the police have is the word of a mentally incapacitated man, then I am sure he will be found not guilty. And I hope he sues the pants off anyone who has had anything to do with him being locked up in a cage for this amount of time.

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