The construction work hasn't been completed yet on the Poinciana Medical Center, but the hospital is now hiring construction workers and will be hiring medical and administrative personnel this fall. (Photo by Dave Raith).
POINCIANA – The new Poinciana Medical Center campus won’t open until sometime next summer, but the hospital being built in Poinciana already has a Web site that just went live, said Joanna Conley, the chief operating officer of the health care facility.
And the reason why the site went up in the past few days, Conley said, is twofold: first, to let area residents log on and learn more about the 100,000 square foot hospital being built off Cypress Parkway, across the street from the Solivita development, with information that will include the services being provided there, the construction timeline, and illustrations of what the building will look like when it’s completed and ready to accept patients.
But more importantly, she said, it will allow residents to submit an application to the hospital, which is getting ready to start accepting them later this year.
”On this Web site, you’ll find information on employment, once we are at the point of accepting applications,’’ Conley said. ”I know there is a lot of interest in employment at Poinciana Medical Center.’’
The facility is being built by Hospital Corporation of America, as a 30 bed hospital located on a campus that will include a separate emergency room facility and a Medical Office Building that leases out space to physicians and other health care providers.
Some of those physicians will work directly for Poinciana Medical Center, while others will be employed independently, as community physicians, Conley said.
Once the hospital opens next summer, Conley said several hundred workers will get hired there.
”Once we’re fully operational, we’ll employ approximately 200 people,’’ she said. ”The 200 positions are full-time positions.’’
Conley said she understands that a lot of Poinciana residents are excited about the hospital because it provides them with easy access to an emergency room and a major care provider, but also because of the employment opportunities it presents.
The positions will range from highly skilled and licensed professionals in the field of medicine and health care, to a host of other administrative jobs that will need to be filled.
”The type of positions we’ll be looking for is licensed personnel, and for those who are not licensed in the health care field, we’ll be hiring for other jobs as well,’’ Conley said.
That will include administrative assistants, billing clerks, dietary clerks and aides, and those working in environmental and landscaping services.
To help the community get a better sense of what the Poinciana Medical Center will be providing, both in terms of medical care and employment opportunities, Conley will be speaking next month during a community forum.
”I will be hosting a communitywide Meet and Greet on Wednesday, June 6 from 6-7:30 p.m. at Liberty High School auditorium,’’ she said. ”I’ll give you a construction update, which everybody always gets excited about.’’
Poinciana Medical Center will hold a job fair in November to recruit some of its staff, and the construction firm now building the hospital, Robins & Morton, will be attending a job fair scheduled for Saturday, June 9 at Liberty High School cafeteria. The school is at 4250 Pleasant hill Road in Poinciana, and the job fair runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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