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ORLANDO — If you enjoy giving books as gifts around the holiday season, or if you simply enjoy dark, macabre works of fiction, check out the Freeline Productions novel “When I Woke Up, You Were All Dead” by author Michael Freeman. The novel explores the life of a man locked in a small studio apartment in a state of near-panic — and for good reason.

As he reflects on the tragic events that brought him into hiding in that studio apartment, journalist Brandorff struggles to control his intense fears that overwhelm him, fears that lurking right beyond his door is a mob that’s been hunting him.

The book is available at Amazon and through the Freeline productions online bookstore.


What’s the Book About?

The novel tells the story of a journalist named Brandorff, who hasn’t left his tiny studio in days. He’s haunted by the photo of a smiling woman hugging her young son at a community celebration. And every sound in the hallway beyond his door sets off panic in his mind.

“When I Woke Up” is a horrifying story about mob violence exploding when demands for justice reach a fever pitch, leaving Brandorff hidden away, an innocent man waiting to be tracked down.

And it poses a mystery for readers. Is it a story about ghosts? Is it a study of psychological deterioration? Does it offer a critique of the “Deplorables” era?

This is a powerfully grim novel about a very ordinary man thrown into a traumatic and harrowing situation. By the end of the novel, Brandorff’s horried mind has literally translated everyone around him into the grim emmisaries of an angry, violent Nationalist front. Are his fears justified? Delve into the nightmare world that lies just beneath the subconscious of this man who enraged many in his city after a news article that he wrote and published.

Who Wrote It?

Michael Freeman is an Orlando-based author, playwright, journalists and digital marketing specialist. His past novels have included “Bloody Rabbit,” “Koby’s New Home,” “Waking In The Dark” and “Of Cats And Wolves.”

How Long Is It?

The novel is 106 pages long and is a work of fiction.

How Do I Get It?

The novel can be ordered here:


About The Author:

Michael W. Freeman was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts. A graduate of Hampshire College and George Washington University, Michael got his start in journalism in 1988.

In 2002, Michael relocated to Orlando, and has worked as an editor and writer at some of Florida’s top newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel, The Sun Sentinel, The Lakeland Ledger and The Jewish Journal, the nation’s largest Jewish weekly newspaper. Since 2016, Michael has worked as a content writer, editor and SEO analyst.

In November 2008, Michael formed Freeline Productions as a vehicle to produce an original play he’d written, Hooked, which had its premiere at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival in May 2009. Michael continues to write original plays and remains active in local theater. He’s a member of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater Guild and remains a devoted and passionate lover of the arts and community theater.

His work includes fiction as well. His past novels include “Bloody Rabbit,” “Koby’s New Home,” “Waking In The Dark” and “Of Cats and Wolves.”

Michael enjoys reading, traveling, the music of The Monkees, the films of Roman Polanski, catching re-runs of the 1970s TV series “Kolchak The Night Stalker,” and the fine art of comic books.

Michael is also the proud papa of his cats Fluffy and Sweet Pea.

Contact Freeline Productions at Freelineorlando@gmail.com.

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