Christopher Chase Whaley was charged with first degree murder in the death of his grandmother.
LAKE WALES – A young man who detectives say got into an argument with his grandmother was arrested today and charged with stabbing her to death in the bathtub.
Christopher Chase Whaley, 23, was arrested by Polk County Sheriff’s Office Homicide detectives today, and they charged him in the stabbing death of his 69-year-old grandmother, Barbara Denmark, in the mobile home he shared with her in Lake Wales.
Whaley was booked into the Polk County Jail, charged with first degree murder.
He had been living with his grandmother in her mobile home at 5137 N. Scenic Highway, Lot 15, in Lake Wales, for the past five years. He also has an aunt, Cassandra Pippin, who also lives in Polk County.
According to the arrest report, Whaley had decided at some point over the weekend to kill both his grandmother and his aunt, but ultimately changed his mind about killing his aunt.
After stabbing his grandmother to death in the bathtub, detectives say, Whaley decided to call 911 and report the attack.
“He was waiting inside the home when deputies arrived, and turned himself in,” noted Carrie Eleazer, public information officer for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, in her report on the arrest.
Detectives say Whaley told them that on Saturday, April 28, he got into an argument with his grandmother and his aunt while he was in Daytona Beach. After the argument, detectives say, Whaley confessed that he made the decision then that when he returned home, he would kill them both.
“When Whaley returned home, he sat in his bedroom and thought about committing the murders,” Eleazer noted. “He then went into the kitchen and grabbed two knives, went to find his grandmother, and then stabbed her repeatedly while she was taking a bath.”
He left the room for a little while, then returned to the bathroom, and he “came back to find her out of the tub and lying on her bedroom floor,” Eleazer noted. “She was unresponsive.”
It’s not clear why Whaley decided not to follow through on the planned attack his aunt, or to report this crime to law enforcement.

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