Interview With a (Nosferatu) Vampire

By Paul Castañeda

Tis the season…no, not THAT season!  It’s the season when the really cool kids (grown ups, too) delve into their dark sides as Halloween comes at us full speed. And there is no greater or more well known subject for the season than vampires, those mythic creatures who survive by living off of the blood of unsuspecting humans. This season, Freeline Media has decided to cover some of the vampires appearing on stages across Orlando) 

Here are some highlights from our interview with Adonis Perez-Escobar, who plays William, the human surrounded by vampires, in this year’s version of Nosferatu at The Ren.

(Note: questions and answers have been edited for length and clarity)

Q: What’s your character’s journey and how you interact with the various vampires?

A: It’s a lot of fun.  We have both Nosferatu (90 minutes) and VBar (60 minutes) and my character arch is covered throughout both. I’m brought into a vampire castle to observe them in their natural habitat and be the human vote in their council as to whether they should join human culture. It’s a Gothic journey.  And being confined or being told to confine myself to one area of the castle is a metaphor for my repressed sexuality. I interact with so many vampires: Dracula, Lilith, Lestat and more from vampire lore.

Q: How is VBar different?
A: It’s kind of a curated club experience. Our dancers really get to shine…hip hop, EDM. VBar is more steampunk, EDC, but 200 years in the future. A lot of our dag queens also take part…a lot of very cool, sexy numbers. My character has joined the culture, grown comfortable with his sexuality and become almost a groupie.

Q: How was the whole thing constructed?

A: With Nosferatu, we start building the show unsure where it will go. As an actor you have freedom to create puzzle pieces, pieces that may not all connect right now or are coming at different points in the timeline, not side by side.

Q: The show ends Sunday, the 5th.  Sad to see it ending?
A: Yes, it’s been a complete journey and with a show like this, it has continued to develop throughout the entire run. You start with a product, but you keep building throughout. Even in this final week, I’ve added connections with various characters throughout my storyline.

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