Marvin Stewart Caraballo-Munoz is a transsexual from Panama and has overstayed his Visa in the U.S. and now faces deportation.

BARTOW – Online marketing sites like Craigslist and offer people an opportunity to sell a wide variety of items, from used furniture to computer repair work.
But for anyone who wants to use it to sell themselves, sexually, they got a strong warning signal today, a flashing red light — at least in Polk County, when detectives with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, posing as either online prostitutes or customers with cash, arrested a long list of men and women and charged them with the selling of sex online – something the county sheriff, Grady Judd, said wouldn’t be tolerated in his county.
“The negative social costs of prostitution hurt families, children and communities,” said Judd. “Whether it is on the street, or online, it is illegal and we will continue to arrest those who commit or derive proceeds from prostitution.”
The online stings lasted from Thursday, Feb. 23 through the following day, and brought a lot of folks to the Polk County Jail.
Both female and male detectives posted and answered ads for sex on They got plenty of responses, and ended up arresting 19 people for crimes ranging from soliciting prostitution to narcotics violations. At least six of the suspects admitted they were married.
This is only the beginning, Judd said.
“We will continue to target online escort services that promote prostitution, and as long as these sites provide the means for prostitution to occur, we will provide the trip to jail,” the sheriff said.
Among those who got arrested were 39-year-old Desiree Sunshine Dorrance of Winter Haven. She was contacted by a male detective and agreed to provide sexual acts and a spanking for money. According to the sheriff’s office, Dorrance is married, lives in Polk County, and has a history of posting sexual ads on on and Craigslist. Married and with children, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said she “admitted to being extremely active online” in the arrest report.
Eugene Agbebaku, 32, of Wesley Chapel, was arrested after he asked a female detective for sex in exchange for money. A married man and father who lives in Hillsborough County but works in Polk as a UPS driver, detectives say they were disturbed when Agbebaku arrived and asked not to use a condom. According to detectives, he later told them he “wanted to contract a disease.” He also “admitted to being a sex addict who solicits prostitutes three to four times a week for unprotected sex,” the arrest report noted.
A female detective was solicited by 54-year-old John David Szydlowski of Lakeland, detectives say, because he wanted sex in exchange for money. “When he entered the room he immediately began to fondle the detective and was arrested,” the arrest report notes. Married and a father who lives in Polk County, he’s an administrator at All Saints Academy.
“He admitted having sexual related issues and being addicted to prostitutes,” the report notes.
Keyonte Rashad Kilgore, 26, of Lakeland also asked a female detective for sex in exchange for money, and told her he didn’t have money “but would give her Tylenol with Codeine in exchange for sex,” the arrest report notes. “He hired a taxi and asked the detective to pay his fair. When he arrived he was arrested. He did not have the Tylenol or any money. It is unknown what his intentions were related to paying for sex.”
Aniyuo Christopher Keeler is a 46 year old Lakeland resident who asked a female detective online for sex in exchange for money. When he got arrested, he told detectives he was a history professor at a local college, although detectives checked that out and said it wasn’t true. Detetcives later said Keeler told them he worked for Compass Group of North America.
Marvin Stewart Caraballo-Munoz, 32, of Tampa, did this in reverse. He was contacted by a male detective online who wanted to know if he could provide sex for money. A transsexual, it was later determined he’s from Panama and has overstayed his Visa here in the U.S. Munoz now faces deportation.
Javier Lara, 32, who detectives say is Munoz’s boyfriend and pimp, arrived at the arrest location two hours after Munoz did, saying he was looking for “Mike.” According to the arrest report, “It was revealed he was there to check on Munoz. He had text messages about the prostitution as well as pictures of him and Munoz prior to meeting the detective. A search of his car also resulted in cocaine being found. Both Munoz and Lara admitted to Lara receiving money for the prostitution.”

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