Gold's Gym in Dr. Phillips sponsored a health fair on Saturday. (Photo by Michael Freeman).
DR. PHILLIPS – Robyn G. Hovey has a jar in her office filled with something that, from the moment someone looks at it, is likely to make that person feel totally squeamish: fat. Pure belly fat.
“That is two liters of fat,” she said. “How disgusting is that?”
In fact, that’s exactly the reaction that Hovey wants people to experience as they pass by and look at that jar. Her goal is educational: to get people to think about how ugly the fat inside their body is, and then ask that eternal question, whether they wouldn’t want it all to simply disappear?
And if some people shy away from taking steps to eradicate that fat because they’re worried that it means countless tough hours spent in the gym or adopting a diet that’s boring, she said there’s another alternative: the FitSlim Laser.
With a pledge that it help people lose two to four inches in one hour, Hovey is the operations manager for FitSlim Laser, the non-invasive body-sculpting, fat reduction and skin rejuvenation product that she markets at her office at Gold’s Gym in Dr. Phillips.
“We do non-invasive fat loss,” she said.
Developed in Wales, the UltaSlim is a red light therapy that uses 200 light-emitting diodes in paddles against the skin. It safely – and permanently – drains fat cells, she said, while it also tightens and smoothes the skin, and reduces fine lines, spots, blemishes and wrinkles. And it’s all done without a scalpel.
“It means we’re not going to cut you open,” Hovey said. “We’re not burning you. But we are going to make you better.”
The way it works, she said, is simple.
“We’re getting their body excited,” she said. “It triggers a response for their proteins. These proteins will open up a pore on the fat cells – and liberate them. It just works with your body’s natural filtration system. This whole thing is about making your body’s filtration system work better.”
On Saturday, Hovey took park in a health fair sponsored by Gold’s Gym at 7733 Turkey Lake Road in Dr. Phillips. Virtually every bit of free space in the walkway circling the exercise and weight lifting equipment was taken up by vendors promoting a wide variety of products and services.
Carl Weston was on hand from The Center, the community resource center at 946 N. Mills Ave. in downtown Orlando that provides a safe haven for the region’s gay, lesbian and bisexual community. While the Center has a whole monthly calendar filled with events — including a coffee chat, men’s yoga, a Latina Lesbians social group, and an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting – they also do HIV testing seven days a week.
Weston said he took part in the health fair because “Gold’s Gym has partnered with us, and is a business member with us, and we’re the only agency that does free HIV testing.”
They’ve been doing an increasing number of tests in recent months, he said, and not just for the gay community.
“A lot of UCF (University of Central Florida) students come in to see us,” Weston said. “They realize how important it is to know their status. We went from doing 90 (tests) a month to 400 a month. We work very closely with the Orange County Health Department on this.”
The Hispanic Health Initiative Inc. of Casselberry took part in the health fair at Gold's Gym on Saturday. (Photo by Michael Freeman).
Norma G. Novillo runs the Hispanic Health Initiatives Inc., a program that was started 12 years ago to provide free health care referrals to local residents.
“We’re a non-profit, and we help out the community,” Novillo said, although she added that while the agency was founded by largely run by people who are Hispanic, they service everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity.
“We help out the community in general,” she said. “We target all communities.”
The Hispanic Health Initiatives is based at 201 Live Oaks Boulevard in Casselberry and can be reached by calling 407-339-2001. They assist those who are without health insurance, and are in need of medical care, by referring them to services available to those without coverage. They also help teach people how to improve their health on their own, through exercise and good eating habits.
“We bring them into the office in Casselberry and we have a program where we teach them about maintaining their health,” Novillo said.
Hovey, likewise, said the FitSlim Laser program works best for those who decide they truly want to get into shape, and are ready to adopt a healthier way of eating combined with a solid physical routine.
“Most people are not properly hydrated,” she said. “And we just need you eating foods that are easy on your liver.”
When they do that, she said, the red light therapy can work wonders on them.
“The more they use it, the more benefits they find,” she said. “It can heal scars and burns. The first FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval for this form of fat loss was just a year ago, and UltraSlim is 20 times more powerful than earlier therapies.”
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