Bruce Bally Burden, convicted felon, was arrested for selling cocaine.
KISSIMMEE — It didn’t take long at all for Bruce Bally Burden and Raynard Kinloch to get in trouble with the law again –twice in one month, in fact.
Both suspects had previously been arrested on Aug. 1 on drug charges, then bonded out. On Tuesday, though, Burden and Kinloch were back in the Osceola County Jail facing drug charges. Both men are convicted felons.
In the first raid, at the beginning of the month, detectives also found two guns as they were conducting their search warrant. Convicted felons are prohibited by federal law by owning any firearms.
Burden, 55, of 414 Rosland Drive in Kissimmee, and Kinloch, 25, of the same address, were arrested for the sale and delivery of cocaine.
On Tuesday, Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies with the Narcotics Enforcement Team and SWAT conducted a search warrant at the Rosland Avenue home after getting complaints from neighbors about drug activity going on there.
It turned out to be a successful drug bust for detectives, said Twis Lizasuain, the public information officer for the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.
“Deputies took into evidence 1.1 grams of cocaine, 7.7 grams of an unknown drug substance, drug paraphernalia, and $513,” Lizasuain said. “Both suspects were previously arrested on August 1 on drug charges and bonded out.”
Burden also faces a charge of possession of live ammunition by a convicted felon from the Aug. 1 raid.
Raynard Kinloch was also charged with selling cocaine.

That gun charge happened just days before the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office collected 172 weapons at its Aug. 16 Gas for Guns event at Osceola Heritage Park.
From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., local residents were given the opportunity to bring in their unwanted handguns to be turned over to law enforcement.
“Some brought in more than one,” Lizasuain said. “In return, they received $50 gas cards.”
Held every summer, this event is a completely anonymous program, “with no questions asked, but the guns were verified through a national database to see if any had been reported stolen,” Lizasuain noted.
At the Aug. 16 event, “Deputies recovered three illegal guns,” she said.
It was the fifth year the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has participated in the regional campaign, which is also done in neighboring counties, and is coordinated by Crimeline.
In the past five years, Lizasuain said, the sheriff’s office has collected more than 578 guns. The aim of the program is to get these guns out of local homes, where they could potentially get stolen and then used in the commission of local crimes.

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