Freeline Media editor Michael Freeman has launched Freeline Wordsmith Group as a professional writing and editing service. (Photo by Brek Dalrymple.)
ORLANDO – Welcome to Freeline Wordsmith Group.
Freeline Productions LLC, founded in 2008, now operates the online magazine Freeline Media, as well as a theater company that creates original plays for community theater productions. Now the company, based in Orlando, is expanding to include Freeline Wordsmith Group as part of its central mission.
Simply put, Freeline Wordsmith Group is available to provide a variety of writing and editing services to our clients.
It could include writing material for online blogs, or providing news coverage of events in Central Florida for regional newspapers and magazines.
Anyone who wants to publicize their business and services can take advantage of Freeline Wordsmith Group’s ability to trumpet what they do in a professional press release and other marketing services.
An aspiring writer or novelist who wants a fresh opinion of their work, or who wants their material edited before they submit it to a publishing agency, can contact Freeline Wordsmith Group to tap into our fast and reliable editing service.
Someone else may have a great idea for a novel, but simply have no clue how to write a book. The entire task probably seems too challenging and awesome to tackle. That’s where Freeline Wordsmith Group comes in. The FWG staff can ghost write your novel for you; just provide Freeline Wordsmith Group with an outline of the book you want written, and we can take it from there. Give us your deadline, and we’ll meet it.
“Freeline Wordsmith Group is ideal for anyone who needs fast, reliable and professional writing done for them, or need their work edited to perfection,” said Freeline Media’s founder and editor, Michael Freeman. “We can take the project out of their hands, and allow them to continue running their business successfully while we handle all their writing, editing and public relations needs for them.”
“Michael Freeman has been in this industry for a while, and is venturing out on his own,” said David Raith, Freeline Media’s director of development. “He has a couple of books under his belt already, so right now would be the perfect time to take advantage of Mike and his pricing. Once we get busy, the price will be going up. If it’s something you want to get done right away, you need to start booking us now, because the prices are subject to change, and so is our availability.”
Freeline Productions LLC was founded by Freeman in November 2008. A veteran journalist and fiction writer, Freeman decided to write and produce a play called “Hooked.” It was accepted into the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival for a production in May 2009. Freeline Productions became the production company for this show, as well as a second original play, “Copping a Craigie,” that was produced at the Fringe Festival in May 2010.
In October 2010, Freeman expanded Freeline Productions to include Freeline Media, an online magazine that gets updated daily, and continues to take its readers – now more than 200,000 per month, with worldwide views – to new places, to meet new and exciting people living and working in this region.
Freeline Media can also be followed on Facebook at and on Twitter. Anyone who wants to learn how to better utilize social media sites to promote their business should contact Freeline Wordsmith Group at 407-247-3262 to learn more about the writing and graphic design work we can do for your sites.
Michael Francis, Freeline Media’s sales manager, added, “In today’s market, most people like to make a connection with who they are doing business with. And with the advances of technology, you can make that connection with social media. A good social media campaign can drive your sale to the next level.”
Freeline Wordsmith Group also has an affiliation with LR, which can create a website for your business and provide you with a site that quickly captures the public’s attention and interest, and helps you sell your products and services to any market you target. Freeline Wordsmith Group can also develop the written material for your site, including lengthy profiles of your business, the services you provide, and the talent behind it.
Freeline Wordsmith Group is ready to take you to the next level. Contact us now to learn more.

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