Freeline Media editor Mike Freeman will be the guest speaker at the Kissimmmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce's Breakfast of Champions in August. (Photo by Brek Dalrymple).
KISSIMMEEE — Freeline Media editor Mike Freeman will be the guest speaker at the Kissimmee/Osceola County Chamber of Commerce’s Breakfast of Champions on Friday, Aug. 5.
The monthly breakfast meeting for Chamber members and other business owners will be held from 7:45-9 a.m. at Heritage Creekside in the Good Samaritan Village, 1548 Pleasant Hill Road, in Kissimmee.
Freeman will offer advice to the business owners on smart ways of reaching out to the news media, including how to draft a strong press release, and how to whet the appetite of newspaper, radio and television editors to provide some much-needed coverage of their firm.
As the founder of the online magazine Freeline Media, Freeman will talk about the growing opportunities that the Internet, blogs and social media sites offer to a business community eager to expand and find new customers, word of mouth, and free advertising. A Facebook page, a LinkedIn account, a few daily tweets on Twitter … and businesses have a lot of creative ways to reach out and touch someone — and build a fan base for their goods and services, Freeman says.
Freeman said he also plans to offer his thoughts on whether the business community and the news media have a generally friendly — or adversarial — relationship.
“It’s actually a little bit of both,” Freeman says. “The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Businesses and the media rely on one another to a great extent — but they don’t always completely trust one another. There are ways to ease those tensions and smooth over those sometimes rocky relationships.”
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Born and raised in Massachusetts, Freeman got his start in journalism in 1988 when he began working as a reporter at The Ipswich Chronicle, a small weekly newspaper on the North Shore of Boston. He spent 11 years as a reporter for The Fall River Herald News before relocating to Central Florida in 2002, where he became the editor of The Reporter, a weekly newspaper covering the Four Corners area of Central Florida. That weekly paper was founded in 2003 by The New York Times.
In November 2008, Freeman formed Freeline Productions as a vehicle to produce an original play that had its premiere at The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival in May 2009. In October 2010, Freeman expanded Freeline Productions to include an online magazine, Freeline Media.
Freeline Productions is also affiliated with two other fast-growing businesses, The Phoenix Network radio station in downtown Orlando and A4J Publishing, an Orlando-based self-publishing firm for aspiring authors.
Freeman said he looks forward to meeting with the Osceola business owners and helping them navigate their way through today’s complex media world.
“There are a lot of ways to reach out to readers and potential customers today,” Freeman says. “A lot of it depends on your presentation, and how you sell yourself. Do you want to know why newspaper editors assign reporters to cover some press releases — but toss others right into the waste bin? Do you want to know why newspapers and television stations ignore your business, but have written about your competition? I can answer those questions for you.”

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