Nancy Miller, a candidate for the Florida Senate, is running on a platform of preserving and respecting the state's history.
Nancy Miller, a candidate for the Florida Senate, is running on a platform of preserving and respecting the state’s history.

TALLAHASSEE — There are a number of issues that Nancy Miller is highlighting in her bid to represent Florida’s state Senate District 3, including supporting the Second Amendment and gun rights, and keeping taxes low.
But Miller is also emphasizing another issue, one that rarely gets mentioned on the campaign trail: the preservation of the state’s history, which she said is also about honoring one of the most important group’s in the Sunshine State: Veterans.
“I’m a seventh generation Floridian,” Miller said. “My family was here way before Florida became a state.”
And working on behalf of the common good, she added, has been a staple of each generation in her family.
“Every generation has been in public service,” she said. “I have inherited a wonderful legacy of love for my home state.
I’m a Florida girl’s daughter.”
Miller is now following in that tradition. With an undergraduate degree in political science and education, she is now making her first run for public office as a Republican in District 3, which takes in 11 counties around Tallahassee, and is represented by Sen. Bill Montford III, a Democrat.
Miller said she decided to run for the Senate to help put a focus on an issue that she believes is a concern for far more Floridians than some would assume: the preservation of the state’s history, one that is being re-written in the name of what she sees as excessive political correctness. That history includes Florida’s role in the Civil War.
“The cataylist for my candidacy was to restore common sense, Miller said. “I’m responding to Florida’s heritage for her veterans, and her history.”
The soldiers from Florida who fought in the Civil War, she said, did so courageously and the state should never forget their bravery and sacrifice, she added. Sadly, she said, there is a movement going on to erase that history.
“Our brave Florida soldiers and veterans have been under attack recently, and I felt like I could be a voice to try to restore respect for Florida veterans — all of our veterans and our wonderful history, specially the veterans that served Florida in the war between the states.”
Regardless of which side they fought on, she added, “All Florida veterans deserve our respect.”
Miller said she is particularly incensed by efforts to remove the Confederate Flag from state and local office buildings. She believes the flag represents a part of Florida’s history and should be preserved.
“in 1861, Florida called our Florida boys, like we have for all American veterans,” she said. “They did their duty and sacrificed their lives for the state when they were called. Now those Florida boys are being vilified for doing their duty. To disrespect one veteran disrespects all veterans. And these are our boys and our young men and women who served that particular time, and their history and their heritage and their legacy should be protected.”
She added, “To disrespect Florida veterans because you disagreed with the politics of the war is wrong.”
Everything that has withstood the test of time as relics of the war, she said, must remain a part of the state’s history, and not banished from public view because of the politics of the day.
“They are monuments to our boys, and now the names of schools are being removed, flags are being removed, and those kinds of things,” she said. “It’s an erasure of history in Florida, instead of celebrating the history of Florida and learning from that history. This movement has no place in our wonderful state.”

Michael Freeman is an Orlando journalist, playwright and author of the book “Bloody Rabbit”. Contact him at


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