ORLANDO – The Florida Tea Party is calling on Congress and the Obama administration to put a halt to spending increases and to instead heed the message of change from last November’s election.

Peg Dunmire, chairman of the Florida Tea Party, says President Obama failed to get the message from last November's election.

“Stop the automatic spending now,” said Peg Dunmire, chairman of the Florida Tea Party.  “Bring our country’s house in order now.”

Dunmire recorded a response to President Obama’s State of the Union message on Tuesday, saying the president – who called for higher spending on education and roads – failed to get the message the brought the Republicans 63 new seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and six new seats in the U.S. Senate.

“The president called for investments in our infrastructure and education, but this is not responsible,” Dunmire said. “The president is not changing course.”

Instead, Dunmire praised U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, who gave the Republican Party’s official response to the president’s address. Ryan called for budget cuts that reduce the nation’s record-shattering debt and help bring the nation’s fiscal house into order.

“We in the Florida Tea Party are 100 percent supportive of this goal,” Dunmire said.  “The Tea Party calls on Rep. Paul Ryan to lead now. Start with passing a one page piece of legislation: repeal all mandates, all automatic expenditures and all automatic increases to spending.  Everything must be on the table to be reviewed, reprioritized and changed so we are living within our means.”

Politicians, she added, need to “do your job now. Americans will do theirs. They will dream their American dream.”

Dunmire said it was becoming harder for Americans to do that if Washington refuses to understand how excessive spending has hurt the overall economy.

“What is your American dream?” she asked. “You may want to start your own business, invent new products, or move to take a new job.  You may want to own your own home.  We all want our children to have a better life than we have.  And we want our parents to age with dignity and grace.

“So I ask you, is your government helping you reach your American dream?” she added.  “Let’s review the facts.”

Today, 14.5 million Americans are unemployed and $1.5 trillion was spent by the federal government last year – money, she added, “that we don’t have.”

Gasoline prices are up 55 percent since the president took office in January 2009, Dunmire noted.

“Our choices for where we travel, when we travel and how we travel are integral to how we live our American dream,” she said.  “But the Obama administration has not shared that dream.”

That’s particularly problematic for Florida, she said, which relies on tourists who visit the state.

“As Floridians, we must have a society where travel is easy and inexpensive,” Dunmire said.  “We must have an economy where people want to vacation in Florida.  We want businesses to relocate here and hire our work force.  The state of the union is the state of Florida.  So I ask you: what is the state of the union?”

High unemployment, high debt and a controversial health care law, Dunmire said, show Washington is out of touch and ineffective.  A better solution, she said, would be to shrink the role of the government and rely instead on the free market system to heal itself.

“I lay the state of the union,” she said, “right at the feet of our politicians.”

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  1. When will they get it?! Spending is not the answer. Peg might go blue in the face trying to get them to listen, but at least she got the right massage. Keep the good work Peg.

  2. AUTOMATIC INCREASES!! Doesn’t anyone else see something wrong with this picture? The republicans are in power and no real progress is being made. That’s exactly why I believe the Tea Party can and should remain it’s own political party. Where are all the stupid tea party people who wanted to “reform” the republican party? I don’t hear them holding rallies over the weak-willed response the GOP has come up with for spending. The GOP is a joke, any real conservative should be able to see that.

  3. When will we ever learn? We put the other party back in power and have not had any real change. They really are two wings of the same bird. I don’t want this country to go the way of the Roman Empire, but unless something is done soon, it looks pretty bad.

  4. I want the Tea Party to get it’s shot at being in charge for a little while. They can’t do much worse. I’ll be waiting for 2012, Doug Guetzloe said they’re planning to have 100 candidates on the ballot. I’m sure the Republicans will have their panties in a wad then.

  5. Everything that was wrong with the entire world was Bush’s fault when he was in office. Why shouldn’t we be blaming the person in charge now for how crappy things are? What a load of B.S. Peg said what all of us were thinking, she just said it in a much nicer way then I would have put it

  6. Peg was really being nice here. Any person of the street would have told Obama where to put his “investments”.

  7. Thank you Peg for laying out the conservative stance so well. Now we need to figure out how to get Peg elected, so there will really be some changes made.

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