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ORLANDO — Horror lovers, take note: you can experience the full fear and terror of Freeline Productions’ novel Sharp Pieces Of Glass by author Michael W. Freeman. The book is available on Amazon as a paperback or a Kindle eBook.

Sharp Pieces Of Glass explores a troubling and all-too-familiar setting: a city on fire, and a failed attempt to escape from it all.

What is the Novel Sharp Pieces Of Glass?

What is this novel about? Simple. His city is burning. Every night it becomes an inferno outside Gregory Thome’s apartment window: protests that turn violent, destructive, scorching.

Gregory desperately wants to escape the simmering heat and finds himself fleeing to an historic hotel by the ocean for a weekend of quiet and solitude. The tranquility proves so captivating in meeting his ordinary desires that Gregory extends his stay for an entire week, even though he can barely afford it.

Only quite slowly does the reader develop a sense that Gregory might have an ulterior motive for staying there, that a darker secret lies beneath his subconscious. There are strange occurrences in his room, including those sharp pieces of glass mysteriously scattered in there which become a mocking riddle for Gregory. Sharp Pieces of Glass is a powerfully grim novel that builds to a fiery ending that questions the entire nature of Gregory’s troubled existence.

It’s a book sure to capture the imaginations of horror lovers everywhere.

Published by Freeline Productions, the book is available by visiting or through the Freeline online bookstore.

“Fantasies of escaping from an unbearable and suffocating political environment are something a lot of us harbor,” Freeman says. “One thing this book explores is how difficult — actually, how virtually impossible — it is for people to do that. There is absolutely no place where you can just ‘get away from it all’ or even tune it all out. That’s part of what I wanted to explore in Sharp Pieces Of Glass.”

Who is the Author of Sharp Pieces Of Glass?

Michael Freeman was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts, where he lived for 38 years before relocating to his current home in Orlando, Florida. Michael knew from an early age that he wanted to be a writer, influenced by the many comic books that he voraciously collected, as well as movies and his vast collection of paperback novels.

His writing career started in 1988, when he landed his first job as a news reporter for a weekly newspaper in Massachusetts. In 1991, Michael became a political reporter and film critic for his hometown newspaper, The Fall River Herald News, and the rest is history.

Michael has since worked as a reporter and editor for some of Florida’s top newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel, The Sun Sentinel, The Lakeland Ledger and The Jewish Journal, the nation’s largest Jewish weekly.

Michael has also written for online publications and been a content writer for numerous businesses, including his own company, Freeline Productions.

Playwriting has been another passion of his. His first play, Hooked, premiered at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival in May 2009; his most recent play, Breakfast With Andy, was performed at Orlando Fringe in May 2022.

Michael’s previous novels have included Bloody Rabbit, Koby’s New Home, Of Cats And Wolves, and A Christmas Eve Story, which are macabre, ghoulish, often horrific, and sometimes funny.

Today, Michael lives with his husband Mel and two cats in sunny Orlando.


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