The Dover House Resort, a timeshare in Delray Beach, worked with The Refinishing Touch on a makeover of its guest room furniture.
DELRAY BEACH, FLA. — The Dover House Resort, a timeshare condominium complex in Delray Beach, has putting the finishing touches on a major “sustainability” project that involved a makeover to the existing furniture in the guest rooms.
Dover House, which is a division of the timeshare firm Landex Resorts International, announced on July 19 that it had completed the refinishing project, which was handled by The Refinishing Touch, a leading provider of what is called “furniture asset management,” or the refinishing, re-upholstering and armoire modification of existing resort furniture.
The Refinishing Touch specializes in furniture upgrading, partiucularly for hospitality, higher education and government facilities.
The timeshare project decided it wanted to refinish, rather than replace, its guest room furniture, said Robyn Rocco, community association manager for Landex Resorts International. That work included updating wood colors and laminate replacements, such as dining tables, nightstands, armoires, dressers, built-ins and headboards.
Rocco said the resort selected The Refinishing Touch because “We wanted to partner with a furniture refinishing company that appreciated the need to be sustainable, timely and cost-efficient.”
Rather than look to several different companies that could divide this work into refinishing furniture in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and so on, the resort got the entire package through The Refinishing Touch, Rocco added.
“We also found the simplicity of working with one company that could provide all the expertise, materials and services to be of benefit,” Rocco said. “The Refinishing Touch’s expert team worked with us to refinish and transform our timeshare condominium into a tropical oasis — making it more modern, sleek, and sustainable with the re-use and refinishing of our existing furniture.”
Mario Insenga, the founder and president of The Refinishing Touch, called this project “a mutually rewarding experience” because it enabled her firm to “work with a team such as that at The Dover House Resort to help them fulfill their sustainability, budget and design objectives.”
The project didn’t involve replacing any of the property’s historic furniture, she added.
“Our role was to preserve existing investments in key furniture assets across the resort and to refurbish these elements in line with The Dover House’s look and feel, to create an inviting, modern and eco-friendly environment,” Insenga said. “Our parallel goal was to ensure the project was also fiscally responsible and in line with the resort’s budgets, which is part of our offering.”
The Refinishing Touch aims to provide furniture refinishing, upholstery and armoire modification to hotels, universities and government buildings, and has been operating since 1977. The company can refinish 10 to 20 rooms per day, and even does television recycling.
Best of all, Insegna said, it saves a company money because they don’t have to go out and start over by buying everything new.
“We consistently save our clients up to 80 percent of the cost of new furniture by refinishing existing furniture assets,” she said.
Dover House Resort is located in the heart of Florida’s popular Delray Beach, with theaters, shops, restaurants and an art district within walking distance of the timeshare.
“Each of our rooms features all the special touches you’d expect from a quality resort,” the resort noted on its Web site. “Located on Ocean Boulevard, our resort has beautiful views of sun washed beaches and the blue hues from the Atlantic Ocean. Our property also includes a private pool, grassy play area, and picnic facilities.”
To learn more, call 561-276-0309.
“Our staff at Dover House Resort is ready and willing to attend to your every need,” the company notes. “We value our Dover House owners and guests.”

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