Polk County Sheriff warns Four Corners residents about ‘Travelers’ — or scam artists looking for work.

DAVENPORT – Someone knocks on your door, and makes what sounds like a great offer. For a fee, they can do some much needed repair work at your house – roofing, painting, coating, or asphalt work. It seems like a good deal, particularly for seniors who often have a difficult time finding… Continue reading

Poinciana health clinic, a victim of the Obamacare political debate, searches for a new source of funding.

POINCIANA – Heading into 2012 and the start of the presidential election season, it seems likely that ObamaCare, President Obama’s universal health care plan, will be one of the key issues in the campaign. In Poinciana, though, one of the casualties of that debate – the construction of three new… Continue reading

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