Meet Our Team

Michael Freeman

Meet the Team Michael Freeman

Michael founded Freeline Productions in November 2009. It was created as the production company for an original play he had written that had been accepted into the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. In 2010, it was expanded to the Freeline Media news and reviews website, and in 2011, it became a freelance writing and editing service as well.


Pat Guevara


Pat Guevara
Pat designed the Freeline Productions website, giving this site its unique look, feel, and vibes. Pat is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist who helps his clients develop a highly strategized long-term marketing plan through SEO tactics. Pat founded his own company, Search Global, to provide SEO tactics for small business owners. Pat also works with Michael Freeman to boost the monthly rankings of the Freeline Productions website.


Carmen Pacheco


Carmen Pacheco

Carmen has designed the covers for Freeline Production novels like “Of Cats And Wolves” and “When I Woke Up, You Were All Dead.” Carman has a Bachelors degree in communications with a specialization in visual arts from the Universidad del Sagrade Corazon in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and she has extensive experience creating logos, ads, print media, and websites. Carman has helped a lot of Orlando-area businesses shape their corporate identities and marketing materials, and she has experience in HTML, CSS, WordPress theme personalization and Joomla.

Freeline Productions Contact Us
Midnight the office cat is the official receptionist and ambassador for Freeline Productions.


Freeline Productions is your source for:

* Original novels

* Original community theater productions

* Theater, DVD and book reviews

* Local news



Freeline Productions is also available to meet all your writing, editing and communications needs.
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