Jiovanny Gonzalez is facing indecent exposure charges after a woman captured him on her cell phone camera masturbating in front of her.
Jiovanny Gonzalez is facing indecent exposure charges after a woman captured him on her cell phone camera masturbating in front of her.

KISSIMMEE – It started when a women contacted the Kissimmee Police Department to report a case of lewd behavior – as the woman was running on Lakeside Drive, she came into contact with a young man who exposed himself to her.
When a police officer arrived to take her report, the victim had a secret weapon: photos of the suspect on her cell phone.
That was on Aug. 30. On Thursday, Stacie Miller, who handles media and public relations for the Kissimmee Police Department, noted in an email that “Through the course of the investigation, detectives identified the suspect as 20-year-old Jiovanny Gonzalez.”
Gonzalez was arrested and charged with Exposure of Sexual Organs.
He is now in the Osceola County Jail.
Kissimmee Police had spent the past few weeks trying to get information about the identity of a man who has committed the lewd act in the area of Lakeside Drive and Wimbledon Street.
Around noon on Aug. 30, a woman reported that while she was out running in that area, she noticed Gonzalez nearby, watching her.
According to the police report, the woman told officers that Gonzalez was wearing a white shirt and black shorts, and when she turned down Wimbleton Street and approached a driveway near her home, she stopped because she “thought the unknown male was up to no good,” and didn’t want him to see where she lived, the police report notes.
The suspect walked away and came back several times before he finally exposed himself. According to the police report, “The unknown male came back one more time, this time with his penis exposed and began to ‘jerk off,’ which is another term for masturbating. The unknown male then walked away again.”
The woman called her husband to come get her, then contacted police. She was able to get photographs of the incident.
“The first picture is from a distance where you can see the male standing on the sidewalk with his white t-shirt exposing his abdominal area,” the report notes. “The second photo is of the male holding the bottom of his white shirt over his face while he manually strokes his exposed penis with his left hand.”
The victim used the zoom on her phone camera to enlarge the photos, the officer noted, and “When the second photo is zoomed in, you can actually see his exposed penis in his hand and his scrotum below it.”
Detectives then began an open investigation for a man described as being 5 feet nine inches tall and weighing about 180 pounds. On Sept. 2, the department received an anonymous call that the person they were looking for is named Jiovanny and lives at Saphire Court in Lakeside.
Detectives found that Gonzalez did live at that address, and had recently been arrested for loitering and prowling on March 23.
According to that report, “Gonzalez was just outside of an open bedroom window where the female homeowner was sleeping.”
Police later found Gonzalez outside the apartment and he was taken into custody.
During his interrogation, “Gonzalez stated that he wasn’t thinking and he knew that wasn’t an excuse, but he really did not know what was going through his head when it just happened,” the officer noted in his report. “Gonzalez appeared embarrassed as he tried to explain his actions.”
Gonzalez was also asked if he had ever done this before, and according to the arresting officer, he “admitted to exposing himself to two women in Haines City last year.”
Anyone with additional information on the suspect is urged to contact the Kissimmee Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit at 407-846-3333, by e-mail at or Central Florida Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).

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