An Flamand, the owner and broker at Orlando Vacation Reality, wants to hear from builders looking for buyers.
An Flamand, the owner and broker at Orlando Vacation Reality, wants to hear from builders looking for buyers.

ORLANDO – An Flamand, owner and broker at An Flamand-Orlando Vacation Realty, is interested in working with experienced & professional builders – particularly ones who own land in Central Florida and are ready to develop, but haven’t started construction yet.
If those builders haven’t started construction yet, An is encouraging them to call her. An has a very unique niche market, which allows her to assist builders or developers to sell pre-construction which will help the builder with their construction loans etc. However it is key that the builder has experience, a good track record, is financially stable and is honest and ethical, An will do her due diligence and will not work with them otherwise. An has a large group of serious international investors as well as a large international network who are key to the success of a project and who are very interested not only in the Greater Orlando housing market, but also in pre-construction sales. We work totally different than any other Real Estate company. We only work with a select few builders who will bring a good product and will give us the opportunity to offer an exclusive product with maximum opportunity for appreciation and ROI (Return of Investment).
Contacting her and setting up a meeting, An said, would be a great way for these builders to learn in advance about what investors are looking for when it comes to making a purchase in the Orlando housing market – because their interests and concerns are quite unique within this market, she added.
“There is so much building going on,” An Flamand said, “however a lot of people are very interested in buying.”
An Flamand-Orlando Vacation Realty is an expert in matching investors to pre-construction sales. Orlando Vacation Reality now has an exclusive contract with Posner Estates, a new development being constructed in Polk County, right near the popular Posner Park commercial shopping plaza. Although the developer recently celebrated its groundbreaking, the first phase was already completely sold out before starting an impressive accomplishment that demonstrates An Flamand’s sharp understanding of the needs of a builder as well as her investors. The townhomes will be built now through the fall, and will not be available for occupancy until the last few months of the year. An has secured a very large well respected and International Resort Management company who has agreed a very high & solid ROI for this project. ”All this is vital to the success of a project’ she says.
Investors, she added, have very different needs and interest than a family or young couple looking for a starter home or a couple of snowbirds from the northeast looking for a retirement home.
“They know exactly what they’re looking for,” An said of her investor clientele. “ They don’t look at the color of the walls or the tiles. We don’t talk about that at all.”
Instead, investors have other interests – including the location of the property, the sales price, the development’s proximity to major attractions among them and most importantly the return of investment as well as the estimated appreciation.
“If those are a match, it’s solid for them,” she said. “The average investor will buy multiple units and prefers the price to be under the $300,000 range.
An said, ”Builders can get a full understanding of how they can take a vacant plot of land and turn it into a development that has investors lining up to buy, the numbers just have to work and with the right key components in place, this is exactly the situation An Flamand was able to produce for Posner Estates. It takes a lot of expertise and experience to know what investors desire in an investment she said.
“It’s taken a long time for us to build up the clientele that we have,” An said. “It’s all about knowing what your niche market is.”
A key part of what she does, An added, is to ensure that she only directs buyers to properties built by firms that have a solid background and reputation for high quality construction and amenities.
“Only the ones that have a secure & financially stable background may make a match for us to present to our clients, only then will we recommend them,” An said.
” We can go out an present all the new build real estate builders that are currently on the market however I often prefer the smaller unknown or custom builders who still take pride in their product and therefore deliver a better end result” says An. In the long run, it has to work for all parties.

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