Clean Beauty Bar recently had a soft opening near Park Avenue. Seated here are owner Kelly Newton (front), front desk manager Chelsea Bissonnette (center) and Jaime Morente, the vice president of spa services.
Clean Beauty Bar recently had a soft opening near Park Avenue. Seated here in the Pedicure area of the boutique are founder and CEO Kelly Newton (front), front desk manager Chelsea Bissonnette (center) and Jaime Morente, the vice president of spa services.

WINTER PARK — Sometimes a single common, everyday word can go a long way toward projecting what a business is all about. Think of the market with “fresh” in its title, the restaurant that uses “elegant” as part of its name, and so on.
The same is true for a lot of boutiques and spas, Kelly Newton pointed out — which is why so many use specific words in their names as well.
“I think a lot of people are steering over to ‘organic’ and ‘natural,’ ” she said.
Newton, the founder and CEO of a new boutique and spa in downtown Winter Park, went in a different direction. The new salon at 170 E. Morse Boulevard, right off Park Avenue, offers an essential oil bar, massage therapy, skin care, waxing and tinting, and nail treatments, among many other services. The name: Clean Beauty Bar.
“I steered to the word ‘clean,’ ” she said. “It’s a great name. It’s a great buzzword.”

The boutique recently had a soft opening, and Newton is now planning for a grand opening celebration in November. In the meantime, her staff is already accepting new clients and introducing them to the wide variety of services and treatments available there.
The 1,700 square foot building has a bar available, but it’s a special and unique one. There are empty plastic bottles available there, and customers can use them to fill up on their choice of essential oils — with flavors that include Sweet Orange, Peppermint, and Lemongrass.
“We have essential oil diffusers, and you can bled your own essential oils,” Newton said, adding that the oils can be used in a variety of ways, such as putting them in bath water.
“There’s so many possibilities,” Newton added. “They all are very good, and they appeal to everybody.”
The salon does have a skin juice bar, with items like Get Glowing, Ageless and Clean & Clear available.
“When you drink it, it’s good for the skin,” Newton said, adding that a drink is available free with a facial.
They also sell specialized chocolates imported from the United Kingdom, and Sabon bath and home care products imported from Israel.
There’s an all-natural skin care bar with products like Pumpkin Enzyme Peel and body scrubs.
Clean Beauty Bar isn’t just about selling products, though. The experience there goes well beyond that.
There are three private rooms in the spa, each one unique in what is being offered. The Peppermint Room, which employs the peppermint essential oils, is available for facials, massages, waxing and tinting.
The Citrus Room offers express services like waxing. Two other specialty rooms — the Geranium Room and the Lavender Room — are also being worked on.
“I think what stands out,” Newton said, “is each of the rooms is based on an essential oil. When people first come in, they fill out an in-take form.” If something is bothering them that day — a headache, for example, or insomnia — “The essential oils can help with that,” she added. “They can minimize the issue they come in with. It can cure them of a headache.”
There are nail stations available, along with a collection of Londontown, 9-free nail polish in a wide variety of colors, which Newton said are quite difficult to find.
“These are only located in five star resorts,” she said.
There’s a pedicure area with comfortable chairs to relax in, and a Zen Room where customers can come in and relax.
While Clean Beauty Bar will have a grand opening celebration next month, Newton noted that they are fully staffed and accept reservations, which can be made by going online at They accept walk-ins as well.
Newton noted that her staff is multi-talented.
“All of my staff members at this point are all dual-licensed,” she said. “If you fall in love with them — and you will — you can get multiple services from them.”
To learn more about Clean Beauty Bar, call 407-960-3783.

Michael Freeman is an Orlando journalist, playwright and author of the book “Bloody Rabbit”. Contact him at

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