Sandra Earl still believes in the innocence of her husband, Cornelius Earl, who is now serving an 80-year prison sentence for a drug charge.

DES ARC, ARKANSAS — Sandra Earl admits that when she’s with her husband, it’s always an emotional roller coaster ride.
“He’s got his bad days and his good days,” she said. “I think he’s doing the best he can. He’s getting ready to take his theology classes so he can pastor to people, because he believes he has a story to share. He believes things will turn around, and I believe that myself.”
Earl dearly loves her husband Cornelius Dale Earl, and it’s frustrating and painful to her that she can only visit him one day a week, on Saturdays. Until she can find some help, Earl admits, that’s how it’s going to remain – for decades.
“I go every Saturday,” she said. “I do have people who are willing to help, but I don’t know how to get started or what to do. I went and had a shirt made. On the back it says, ‘Some inmates are victims, too.’ I have people ask me all the time about it.”
Sandra Earl’s husband is now incarcerated at Ouchita River Correctional Facility in Malvern, Arkansas, and unless something changes, the 43-year-old man will likely die in that prison, since he’s now serving an 80 year sentence. The charge that a jury convicted him of was dealing crack cocaine.
Sandra Earl, who lives in Des Arc, Arkansas, said she’s still in a state of shock that he received such a harsh and lengthy sentence.
“He was arrested on July 14 of 2008,” she said. “He got sentenced on May 12, 2009 for delivery of a controlled substance, crack cocaine.”
When people learn he got eight decades in prison on a non-violent drug charge, Earl said, they’re often stunned and even flabbergasted.
“That’s what a lot of people say to me – 80? And I said yeah, 79 plus one,” she said. “And they say, ‘Who did he murder?’ and I say ‘No one.’ He probably would have gotten a lesser sentence if he had.”
Cornelius Earl was found guilty in a jury trial in Searcy, Arkansas on three counts of selling crack cocaine.
“I was in there for the closing arguments,” Sandra Earl said. “The prosecuting attorney told the jury, ‘If you convict him, you can give him 25 years for one count, 25 years for another, and 30 years for the other, and they can run consecutively.’ ”
The jury agreed.
“It is under appeal now,” Sandra Earl said.
Cornelius Earl, who rejected a plea deal and opted for a jury trial, was also fined $75,000.
At the time the jury verdict was announced, Wayne Ballew, chief of police in the town of Beebe – the town that Cornelius Earl was accused of selling cocaine in – told The Arkansas Leader newspaper that he was serious about putting drug dealers behind bars, and this verdict would send a strong message.
“I am very pleased with the findings of the jury and of the hard work put forth during the investigations of the three cases, not only by our officers but with the manner in which Deputy Prosecutor Becky Reed presented her case,” the police chief was quoted saying to the newspaper. “We want the word out. If you’re dealing dope, you better think twice before you do it in Beebe.”
But Sandra Earl said she’s convinced this is a completely unjust verdict – particularly since she was also charged with trafficking in cocaine, and pled no contest. Her verdict: 10 years of supervised probation, and not a day behind bars.
“I pled no contest, and my charge was conspiracy to deliver,” she said. “Mine was 10 years of probation. I wasn’t tried at all. It shouldn’t have happened that way. But he did the jury trial. They offered him a plea bargain of 10 years, which he didn’t take because he didn’t do anything, so he felt like he shouldn’t plead guilty to something he didn’t do. If he was doing something, wrong, okay, but he wasn’t.”
The Earls believe the charges were bogus, and they were set up as part of an ongoing effort by local law enforcement to encourage drug dealers and users to turn in one another, in return for lighter sentences. Sandra Earl says most of the testimony brought against them came from a family friend they had helped, who later got busted for using drugs.
“We had this girl, a family friend we knew for years, who fell on some hard times,” she said. “She was trying to get clean and going through a divorce, and we helped her.”
Eventually she started using drugs again, Sandra Earl said, “and we had to kick her out of our house. We did remain friends. Come to find out, she actually got busted on drugs, and to lesser her sentence she had to tell on somebody, and that’s what she did. Cornelius never had any drugs on him, nothing. It was just her pointing the finger, that’s all it was. They had a video that they shot of her coming up to our vehicle. She had a BIC lighter that was the listening device, but nothing was said. She asked where she could find some drugs, and he said ‘I don’t know.’ That was the only talk of drugs.”
Sandra Earl thinks one reason for the huge disparity in their sentences is race. Sandra Earl is white, while her husband is black – and interracial marriage is still something that people in small southern towns frown upon, she said.
“The smaller towns in Arkansas … this is the south,” she said. “A lot of the older people, they shy away from that. They just don’t believe in that.”
There’s no other reason to explain why she got probation and he got 80 years, she said.
“The difference in sentencing, it’s crazy,” she said. “I think justice is justice. If a white woman does the same thing a black man does, it should be the same thing in sentencing. You can’t have leniency in one case, but not the other.”
Sandra Earl is now hoping to get the word out about her husband’s sentence, and eventually find a legal or civil rights group willing to work with her to advance her husband’s efforts to overturn the verdict and sentence.
“His case is being appealed,” she said. “It’s under the (Arkansas) Supreme Court right now. It has been for over a year now.”
In the meantime, she still believes strongly in the husband who is not expected to be released from prison until May of 2089.
“We’ve been married a year this past November,” she said, adding that she hopes to find someone willing to hear her story, and help. Cornelius, she added, has faith in her determination to keep fighting for him back home.
“He’s super-excited about this,” she said.
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  1. I am a native of Arkansas and, I had the opportunity of following Mr. Earl’s trial VIA internet and, often in person.
    Mr. Earl was defintily a victim ,this time around. I strongly agree, about the predjudice in the small towns of Arkansas. While following Mr. Earl’s case, I saw how bias judge Robert Edwards and,the little prosicuting attorney Becky Reed were, toward Mr. Earl. Predjudice was one of the main reasons I left Arkansas because, I didn’t want to bring my children up in such atmosphere/enviroment.
    The Beebe police department through Hal Britt’s supervision and authority, failed to establish that the CI (Confidential Informant) was a reliable person prior to using her in such capacity.
    The fact that officer used an individual, whom was on probation for violating state law,required that a judicial officer establish that CI’s reliability prior to using her.
    The alleged monies that, was supposed to have been used, as stated in one of the officers report, should have disclosed the serial numbers to each currency bill,they were not disclosed.
    The officer did not have reasonable cause to believe Mr. Earl was selling or dealing crack cocaine,wherefrom,in the officers report and, documentation, he does not disclose his personal knowledge of how he suspected Mr. Earl in violating state law.
    Furthermore, the Confidential Informant does not state that she knows of Mr. Earl or, that she has recently purchased crack cocaine from him in, any of the reports of the officer. There was not any such statement written, after each transacton.
    The officers actions in this case with a known convicted felon, without court approval for.the use of the Confidential Informant was,ENTRAPMENT….
    When the officer set up the drug buy through the use of the CI, and without Mr. Earl contacting the informant to sell the drug, ENTRAPMENT then comes into play, that is a defense to charge of delivery.
    Mr. Earl’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to do process were violated wherefrom, the State Prosecution Defense counsel, and the trial court judge,all knew that they could not obtained Mr. Earl’s conviction for delivery, unless he was charged with being in, pocession of that same drug. in order to deliver a control substance, that person must possess the same which, under Arkansas law,it must be proven first before the state can prove the latter (DELIVERY).
    The felony information does not charge Mr.Earl with being in pocession OF A CONTROL SUBSTANCE on either count against him.
    In my closing,I must say that in each report, there exist different officers performing the same task.
    Under the CONFRONTATION CLAUSE of Mr. Earl’s Sixth Amendment right to confront his accusers,was clearly violated.
    Each person should have been present to testify…..THIS IS REVERSIBLE ERROR.
    I will continue to be a part of this support group for Mr. Earl.
    Im hoping and Praying that the people in those small Southern towns would,find Love in there HEARTS,ONE FOR ANOTHER.
    When judgement day comes,who wil they call upon?
    Those earthquakes are not happening accidentily, there in the South.
    It is time out for this color blindness and that judicial system, that is soooo ETHIC IN ARKANSAS.
    I DO REALIZE that, there are good individuals in every race.
    Those individuals that act predjudice, are the ones that were taught to be that way.
    I can say that, I THANK GOD that my parents never saw color.
    We are all part of the HUMAN RACE…not BLACK OR WHITE.
    Stay encouraged…we’ll be Praying…God is able.

  2. I just want to thank Mike Freeman for a wonderful article. For years now I wanted to have a voice for everyone to hear. Thanks to Vikki Hankins with Advocate 4 Justice,I feel like I finally do. Can’t wait to see what 2012 brings.
    Thank you so much,
    Sandra Earl


    Ms. Earl, I’m godly sorry for what and, how this happened to your husband.
    However, I do have one question for you: what in the hell were you thinking about when, you pled to conspiracy? didn’t your husband state that he was innocent? did you not believe in him or what?
    I have been in the same situation but, I Loved my husband enough to stand up for his rights.
    I’m also caucasian but, you stated that your husband was innocent but yet pleaded against him?
    Looks as if the officials set up a web and lured you into it. while they were luring you, you were pulling your husband behind you. What were you thinking? of yourself? this sounds pretty selfish.
    You only recieved 10 yrs. probation? WOW, looks like you really had your arms twisted.
    I see that you stated that you can’t do anything but visit him weekly? is that part of your guilt? or, have you really grown to Love him? you are doing the right thing because, I would be feeling as though I put the handcuffs on him and excorted him to prison.
    It is good that you are visiting him because, he is a very good looking man.
    I’m sure he would not have a problem with visits if, you didn’t show up.
    How is his family excepting this or, do he have family? I would like to start mail partnering with him. This is a good way to boost your support group,if he chooses.
    I could share a lot of information with you but, this is not the place ,or time.
    I would Love to be a part of the mail support if, it gets started.
    Hopefully this experience has given you some form of education because, Love don’t LIE.
    I hope that someone find it in there hearts to help free this INNOCENT GOOD LOOKING MAN.
    * PEACE OUT*

  4. Hi Sarah
    Thank you for your interest in my husbands case.
    I understand what you are saying,but I was sentenced after
    My husband. I didn’t know what I did until we got another
    If you would like more information on the case feel free to
    Email me. My email address is printed under the first article.

  5. Yes Ms. Earl,
    I hear what you are saying but, where was Mr.Earls attorney? did he not have one?
    I’m not understanding this at all, first you say he was railroaded,then you turn around and say that, you got another attorney? You lost me right there…where are you at???During the time that MR.Earl was trying to fight the case,seems as though you were fighting your way out. I really have to speak volume,not knowing who you are because, I can see a gravely mistake on your, behalf toward your husband. I noticed that the first response to your article said a lot about Mr.Earls case. Baby girl, I’m confused as to what part you played in your husbands conviction.
    As I stated earlier, something just doesn’t add up with you and the story.
    This article really touched me because,as I stated in my first response,I too am caucasian.
    These law enforcements here in the South tried to get me to do the same thing you did…….OOPS, hopefully there isn’t one of Mr.Earls love ones browsing the page like I have.
    But, my husband and I knew of there little game,we wasn’t dumb to the fact that they were being unequal toward us. Thanks for your offer in getting personal with you through e-mail but, I’m not sure this a great idea on your behalf.
    I don’t want to be thought of as being a snitch because, that is a dangerous job.
    I’m just going to start looking into the venues that I TOOK TO PROTECT MY HUSBAND when, we were rocking in the same boat.
    The only difference in our case was that, we saved one another out of Love and innocence.
    Maybe I can share some good points with you at a later date.I’m really nervous about the communication because, I can’t see how Mr, Earl got 80 yrs.
    I know he went up against a jury but, 10 yr. probation is all you got? confused Baby girl…..
    Oh and just to share this with you, my husband and I had spent enough time together that, we knew the hand that the officials were trying to deal us. We knew it was a bogus charge but we both showcased Love for one another.
    Even if we were in seperate rooms, at seperate times, we knew the Love we had for one another.
    He said not guilty and guess what? not guilty was my statement as well.
    But now, we both are free, as a result of NOT GUILTY…..
    I would like to be a part of a mail support group for Mr. Earl.
    Maybe you can get that started while, you continue to wait on responds from your publishment?
    Be careful as to how you address that you were sentenced after Mr. Earl because, this says a lot about the part you played in his sentencing.

  6. Sarah
    Thanks again, there’s a lot of facts to this case that were
    Not shared. I didn’t turn on my husband I took the blame.
    I wasn’t who they wanted. We had the same attorney. I was
    Miss lead by that attorney,and didn’t know it until we got the
    Appeal attorney. That’s why I said there’s more facts to this.
    And yes his family does read this.

    Sandra Earl

  7. To future replies,
    This is not about me, this is about my husband and others
    Like him. So thank you all that have interest in this. If there’s
    Any information needed my email is
    Thanks again,
    Sandra Earl

  8. I do realize that this is about your husband but, you are seeking opinions right and support right?
    Well, this is what you get when you, step out like you have,whether it’s for you or your husband. FACTS….FACTS…..too late for that.
    You are going to get criticism and, some more criticism……I can see your weakness already.
    You are a very defensive individual and, this says a lot about you,that I can see. If I told you that, my husband and, I followed most of the case,you would realize where I’m coming from.
    I watched you in that court room when you were jumping around and making gestures with that little attorney. Now…ask me why I sound like I do???
    My husband even stated to me that you looked awfully suspicious, in your actions. My husband and I both are,LAW STUDENTS,we both have family in Jonesboro Arkansas and, you were the talk of the town for a while. We have come to grips with what happened to your poor husband but, sounds as though you are still lieing.
    What’s so hard about being honest?
    We are in the process of starting something that, would give a voice to, individuals like your husband.
    I do hope that you can find some kind of help and support but, I would Love to make Mr. Earl our first contact. I’m hoping that justice would,some how take a look back at the evidence and have some mercy on him. But,your voice was definitely heard in the court system, even if it was behind closed doors….even more when you stated that, your husband was most wanted by those individuals. We are going to somehow, get to Mr. Earl , as soon as is possible.
    We are really willing to make some sacrafices to help in his freedom, we are wanting to deal directly with Mr. Earl.
    We are so glad that you started this support group because, we have often wandered about Mr. Earl…we are glad to know of his location.
    Why did you both have the same Attorney? was that part of the trap ?
    If Mr. Earl has family, why are you the only contact? GUILT?

  9. Sarah,
    If you were in the court room then you seen what went
    On. You would have known that we had the same attorney.
    I wouldn’t be sharing facts with you,you would already know
    Them. So therefore you sound really good in your replies,
    But you also have holes in your story.
    Best of lucky to you
    Sandra Earl

  10. Honey, have you heard of people being undercover in a courtroom?
    Well, I happen to be that person,on that day, at that time, along with, my husband…get it?
    That’s what I don’t understand? seems as though your attorney was more focused on you,have you forgot?
    And….having HOLES in my story???IN MY STORY???? OH so now I have a story?
    If this is about your husband? why are you so defensive? you are showing me just what I want of you.
    I’m not tryna put you on blast but,I just wanted to see where your head is and, where it was then.
    You are broadcasting for help but you aren’t realizing that this mans lengthy sentence was made public. Don’t think you are the only one that knows all the facts,you would be surprised!!!!
    You quoted (BEST OF LUCK) why is that now part of your terminology?
    You should be the one asking for LUCK because, you help make your husband, another STATISTIC of a black man, doing wrong.
    So don’t go there with LUCK…my husband and I are focused on, helping your suppose to be husband. We will probably be going back and forth until, something happens for Mr. Earl because, we refuse to give up on him. You need to try everything that you can to get better educated because, you admitted that you were fooled into helping sentence your husband.
    If I’m a LIE……just refer to your previous statements……..

  11. Sarah
    That’s very true I am looking for help for my husband.
    Really I don’t no if you were in the court room or not I
    could not be in there. But anyway im not going to keep going
    back and forth,its not getting anything done. If you would
    like to help then thank you. If so you can contact me or my husband.
    Sandra Earl

  12. Contact you or your husband?
    You and I are still in contact but, I don’t feel that you are Trust worthy.
    I think you have just had the time to think about, how you have incriminated your husband.
    As I told you earlier, you help make your husband another stastistic. I’m hoping that I can hear from one of his family members. Do they know that you have a page requesting help?
    Maybe if I can get in touch with a member of his family, I’ll share some things with the family.
    I would like Mr. Earl’s address, is that possible? or, do I have to look it up myself?
    Now this is something that you and I can exchange prively but, nothing else.
    Just for the record….see how you lie? You stated that you didn’t know if I were, in the court room, where were you?
    I hope to get more response because, you have been boring and, my husband and I have a goal to reach.

  13. In response to Sarah Smile:
    You couldn’t have said that any better! Yes, Mr. Earl does have family & a very supportive one at that. Reading your comment sent chills through my body as well as tears to my eyes. It clearly shows what happened in his case & doesn’t take much to figure out WHO threw him under the bus, so to speak. However, I do understand that this may not be the appropriate place to voice my opionion on that part of it as a courtesy. I will say he’s serving an 80 year sentence for what or shall I say FOR WHOM?? There’s no way this case should’ve gone the way it did. I’ve been trying to keep quiet for the most part through this indescribable situation but it gets hard when a certain individual(s) try to plea a case when he/she was 1 of the main determining factors in the case. Were you that concerned about him then when he really needed you for his freedom? Or let me guess you were too concerned about trying to protect & look out for yourself in which you did. I’m sure he (Mr. Earl) would’ve loved to walk away with a slap a wrist (a little probation time) versus 80 years. That’s really insane sickening. An innocent, good man behind bars. Yes I said good man b/c what man do you know in these times that would actually take in someone that’s pretty much a stranger along with her kids & provide for them as well as treat them better than his own? That says a lot about his character. I could go on & on for days about this but I think I’ve said enough. I’m sure the point that I’m trying to make here has been proven.
    Thanks again, Sarah, for such true points you made as well!! I’m sure my uncle Cornelius Earl would appreciate your comment as well!!
    As far as the “Judge” that tried to ‘judge’ him & handed him a king pen sentence, he will have to be judged one day as well. This is a true act of prejudice. All that my family & I can do is pray & keep the Faith! But, we will fight until the end to assure that he gets his freedom back. Once this is over, hopefully, he will rethink some of the decisions he has made while he felt like his back was against the wall & reevaluate the one(s) he trusted & thought were there for him. He shall b a free man again & enjoy his life like others.

  14. Hello Ms. White,
    how are you? I am really proud to hear from a family member, that I feel that is worthy of my concern, of your uncle. Sweetheart I am so sorry that you and the family have to live such nightmare. I’m so sorry if I dug up the bones of your uncle’s sentencing.
    I didn’t mean to upset you at all but,my husband and I are very concerned for your uncle.
    I too was up against, the same thing that your uncle was but, my husband and I did not give the system what they wanted. As you probably read my previous comments to your aunt right?
    I just feel that she played a major part in your uncle’s sentencing, my husband even stated that, how, is she calling your uncle her husband.
    In the court room she was not addressed as his wife.
    Just for your concern as to how I know so much? My husband and I both were college students in Jonesboro Arkansas. I yet have family back there but, we are now enrolled in a different state.
    I am in the process of challenging the board next year, if I stay on task…. We were there in the court room during your uncle’s trial.
    My husband stated that he felt his fear and, this rested with my husband up until this point.
    I had been hoping to hear more from this case and Lo and behold, while surfing the net ….this is what I stumbled up on. My husband was so elated to hear about M. Earl’s request for help. The reason I was so strong with words toward your aunt right? was because, it just wasn’t right that she, (Ms. Earl) only recieved probation.
    My husband and I are in the process of getting a support group started and, Mr. earl will be our lime light. We want to first get permission from the family.
    Whom do we make contact with because, I see that you didn’t comment at all about the feelings of your aunt right? I’m asking you this way because, I didn’t know of you and Ms. Earl’s relationship.
    Once we get the go ahead to contact your uncle, we will need a contact person at all times.
    We would like to start a mail partnership with your uncle as soon as possible.
    Ms. White, once we get going on this, I would like to have private contact, do you think that would be possible?
    I am caucasian and, I will be straight to the point when we make personal contact, my husband is African American. We have never seen color and, we never will, the way we were treated in that Arkansas system, made us want to support, such cases.
    I’m so glad for the contact and, hopefully something great will come out of our contact.
    Thank you for your response, I’m going to settle myself down and, pace myself now.
    My husband did not get upset with my responds to your aunt……, this really upset me.
    Hope the rest of your family don’t think that this, is a crazy person…….lol
    Honey I will be in contact, for sure, I have gotten excited.
    Hope to hear from you soon, I will be E-mailing you on this week.
    * Mrs. S. Smiles*


    I’m the first one to comment on Cornelius Earl’s page, seems as though you just grabbed the ball and ran up court with it? First of all, I am another family member of Cornelius D.Earl.
    I’m very aware, so is the family, as to what took place, in and out of that court room.
    Cornelius was surely a victim of circumstances. Would you please find it in your heart to attack Sandra elsewhere, other than on Mr. Earl’s support page? You have been support but, we need the kind that we all can relate to at this point and time. The family has been aware of facts in the case from day one. Once again I do appreciate your concern for Cornelius, I truely do but,if there is anything you feel would render help for him, you can E-mail me personally.
    I see that Mz. White has already extended that invitation to you, being Cornelius’s neice.
    Cornelius has five sisters and two brothers. he has greater Love than you could ever imagine. He also has four grown sons that would Love to see help for there father
    So please, for the most part would you please shift the focus on Cornelius?
    I’m not trying to add, nor take away what you feel for Sandra. I just want to see help for Cornelius. Do you or, your husband know Cornelius personally?
    It sounds as if you all know him. What state are you in? you can E-mail it to me if you like? I read that you and your husband would like to be able to write Cornelius?
    I can make that possible depending the outcome of our conversation
    Please feel free to contact me through E-mail and, I will farther introduce myself to you and the husband.
    Thank you much for your time Missry. Ice
    God Bless

  16. Wow !
    First of all judge Edwards sent alot of African American men to prison …. I myself fell into that trap in the early 1990’s . As an African American male I knew that there was nothing but racism in these small hick towns and in the state of Arkansas as a whole . It’s one big trap . And White county happens to be the worst of all . I watched my dad fight for years to pave a way for African americans In white county only to be let down by his own people time and time again. I guess the fearing of the white man in white county has been so deeply embedded in the black communities there it’s become the normal day to day structure . Instead of seeking change people are to busy trying to catch the meatiest bone thrown from these racist bastards so they can be content and show their black brothers & sisters look at what I got for being a content nigga .

    80 years … I fault our elders . I fault them for not backboning up and creating methods and ways to reach out to our young brothers & sisters . In my years of living in white county the only person that I ever seen take it to these racist face from an intellectual point was my dad . If alot of us would have listened to him and if other elders would’ve not been so ” UNCLE TOMISH ” this shit wouldn’t be happening in 2012 . I bet Paul Petty’s son won’t get 80yrs . I bet judge Edwards son won’t get 80yrs . I bet nobody with a “clicked up good ole boy last name ” would do one day behind bars and it’s wrong . Plus ALL OF THE LAWYERS IN WHITE COUNTY SHARE THE SAME SPOON !!!! Phyllis Worley was a horrible public defender then and I wouldn’t give her a dime to do shit for me now ! She been “accidentally losing black cases since the early 1990’s .

    Corniellius , I believe that I know you .I lived around there for a few years and that was enough for me . I would suggest that your wife stay in the clear and let family take control . When I won a racial discrimination suit I contacted some heavy bitters like the NAACP , the department of civil rights , the ACLU , the attny generals office in dc , etc . I left no stone unturned .

    Much love and peace
    ” stand strong and take it to em head on “,

  17. Thank you very much Mrs. Williams……..
    I know that Cornelius was treated very unfairly by Becky Reed and Robert Edwards.
    There has been several cases that have been tried in the same courtroom, a lot harsher than Cornelius counterfeit case. Becky Reed as the prosicuting attorney and, Robert Edwards as the judge…..need to be removed because they are so BIAS…These individuals are on there way back to society, and,they were caucasian if not already.
    Chris Raft…the deputy prosicuting attorney is just as crooked as the others.
    They got all there own man made laws and, I feel that something should be done about it.
    I totally agree with you that, the African American people could do more if they stop being afraid of losing there BREAD TICKET…….
    Are you familiar with this case in Des Arc Arkansas where this guy Norman Berry got 31yrs.for a meth lab that was discovered by the under officers there?
    This guy got 31yrs. for something that was proof and Cornelius got 81yrs. for being African American. They never got anything from him personally…not even money.
    He was done so dirty but God is Lookng and he is Booking.
    Every dog has a day and, they were some dogs…the way he was judged.
    Mrs. Williams, if there is anything that you could do to support Cornelius’s freedom, would you please stay in touch?
    We need all the support that we can get becaues, I know God sees and he knows.
    Those folks need to be careful how they judge people because, the same measures will come right back to them, or a famly member.
    Thank you for your concern…..God Bless

  18. You sell drugs & get caught you to jail. Becky Reed and Judge Edwards had a job to rather “yall people” think it’s fair not. Maybe yall get off your ass and get a job & stop selling drugs you don’t have to worry about things like this. 80 years may be a bit much so get off your ass an job and file for an appeal in a higher court, do “yall people” know what an appeal is LOL. It’s funny when people get trouble they call on God, did God make you sell the drugs? NO!!! Stay off the devil’s playground and you won’t have to go to his “Hell Hole” which is jail!!! and another thing appeals are not cheap, maybe yall can call on God for some money. Yall call him for every thing else. Good Luck People HAHAHA

    1. See What I Mean ….. “Yall people” …. what the heck is a “yall” .

      Pure RACIST……I rest my case lol !

  19. “Why all the racist comments”

    You sell drugs & get caught you go to jail. Becky Reed and Judge Edwards had a job to do rather “Yall People” think it”s fair or not. Maybe if “yall” get off your ass an get a JOB and stop selling drugs you don’t have to worry about thing like going to jail. 80 years may be a bit much, so get off your ass and get a JOB and File for an appeal in a higher court, do “Yall People” know what a appeal is in a “HIGHER COURT” if not google it LOL. It’s funny when people get in trouble they call on God, did God make you sell drugs? NO!!! So stay off the Devil’s Playground an you won’t have to go to his “Hell Hole” which is jail!!! And another thing appeals are not cheap. Maybe “Yall” can call on God for some money, Yall call him for everthing else. Good Luck People HAHAHA……

    Typo in the first statement….
    Hick Town Boy

  20. God Bless You HICK TOWN BOY……sounds like you are rejoicing behind all this….
    Do you by chance have a child,brother, mother, sister, aunt, uncle, maybe even grand parents??
    There just may be a time that you will have to call upon the name of God..I found that he is more comforting to families like Mr.Earl. He is always the one that I utilize. I myself experienced most of the sentencing phase and, the young man was never pulled over after a supposed DRUG SALE. There was never any DRUGS taken off HIM personally. What I did acknowledge was that, his wife is CAUCASIAN…..suppose this is the reason you are sounding like you do?
    I WILL PRAY MUCH FOR YOU AND HOPE THAT YOU NEVER HAVE TO FACE WHAT THIS FAMILY FACED.Edwards and Reed may have had a job to do but, we also know that they are EXTREMELY prejudice. That’s what they are and who they are but,they also have family that they may have to turn to God for …one of these days. NEVER SAY NEVER. Hope God hears you if you ever have to cry out to him….Oh yes, he is in CONTROL of all money,,,,EVEN YOURS if you have any.
    This DOROGITORY STATEMENT could COST YOU or a family member one of these days….You should be careful how you use God;s name. Now that’s what I call DANCING ON THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND… CAREFUL GOD sees your negative statement…….

  21. God Bless the RACIST individuals that yet remain in the state of Arkansas….I thought that they had gotten a little better in there HATERED ways but I can see THAT…. it still EXIST. I am so Thankful that it wasn’t taught in my home while growing up. I do believe that it is taught in the homes.
    It is HEARTBREAKING that the ARMY has such a DIVERS GROUP of young men and women protecting our country and, some of us don’t even get alone with one another , AS NEIGHBORS. We never know when someone has to watch our back. Color needs to stop being the STUMBLING block for UNITY.
    THANK GOD FOR LOVING HEARTS…..some individuals were never taught how to LOVE or, they never felt LOVED themselves. For the most part, I will continue to THANK GOD for all my short comings and MISUNDERSTANDINGS. Lord help me to stay HUMBLE when I see and, hear IGNORANT comments… Some people just need to be PRAYED FOR on a minute to minute bases because, some of them have the same NATURE as LUCIFER. They tend to throw the stick and hide there hands. Our God is an ALL SEEING and an ALL KNOWING GOD. There is nothing that is HID from him….He never SLEEP, nor does he SLUMBER…
    So for all of you LOVING and KIND individuals in the WORLD…Let’s bind together and Pray for lost SOULS. God knows the difference between Ignoracy and someone that just doesn’t know any better.
    Let’s PRAY for our men and women that our out there PROTECTING US ALL…SHOUT OUT TO ALL OUR MEN AND WOMEN THAT OUR PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY,MY TOWN, OUR TOWN however you prefer to address God’s creation HE IS THE LEGAL OWNER…….

  22. I’ve known him my whole life, and no, we’re not friends now, but we were as kids. He was/is a kind person. Nice kids often have a problem with peer pressure and saying ‘no’. So he got hooked on shit , wtf, so those wannabe texan bastards sends him to prison for 80 years for getting high? Just so the redneck bastards can feel like ‘they’re crackin down on crime’. How many prominent Farmer or Merchant family members have they pulled the “blackmail another user into entraping them, by telling them they have some money to get high with”, and WHERE DID THAT MONEY COME FROM? Cornelius was a poor black guy from another worthless, shithole of a town, so it was open season!
    In these little towns like beebe and desarc; there are two different justice systems – AND DON’T TELL ME THERE IS ONLY ONE! Rich and poor alike, make bad choices regarding drugs; only the important ones get an intervention, or a tip thru family or church friends, and poor people get FRAMED and sent to prison. And don’t tell me that the prominent Sons with drug problems don’t get treated different, BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER! We had one beloved Son in desarc, who was so important, that the FBI had to finally come in and wipe the DAPD’s ass for them. [for those of you with the racist charges – this travesty is more class discrimination, than racial. They can skillfully argue that they’ll send a poor piece of white trash to prison in a set-up just like this, because they will].

  23. They did over due this, and they’ll be hard-pressed to provide a sentence / precedent this long among all the white cases they’ve framed and railroaded to prison. This page is going in my favorites.

    And Rozina Ice, I see now you mentioned above that beloved old Judge’s son who got 31 years. The reason they got him busted was because he told another beloved Son that the man’s daughter belonged to him now after he got her hooked on meth! (the 2×4 in the parking lot assualt case, yeah) That’s the only reason that fat bastard is not still running the trash trucks and pretending to be tony suprano, to launder his meth business money. Since they had to bust one of their own, they crackered around and got him a good ol boy deal, so he’ll spend most of his time as a trustie over in clarendon – another worthless little feudal regime like desarc and beebe.

  24. God Bless You classmate of Cornelius Earl from DesArc Arkansas.
    I’m very elated to hear that someone sees and hears that manmade judicial system in Arkansas. I’ve often wander what, is judicial about it? These individuals must not be God fearing or, they just don’t care for anyone but Mr. Gilmore’s sons and daughters. I wander do these individuals have family members that are falling ill or maybe even dieing? If so, this should send a message to there wrong doing. Cornelius was treated like a murderer…My God. They never got a dime off him and, the attorney that he had appeared to have bought in to the manmade law scheme. The attorney allowed pictures of money into evidence, there were only pictures to support Becky Reed’s argument. Cornelius’s co-defendant/wife is foot loose while, he had his freedom ripped away. I THINK ALL THIS PREJUDICE, starts in the homes and, is taken outside the home and, held as becoming an adult. What about our young men and women that are protecting our country? THEY ARE NOT GIVEN A CHANCE to choose against color. No one is perfect and, I agree that Cornelius is a very caring and Loving individual. I just feel that, it wasn’t all about drugs, I called it the courtroom monopoly. It appears that everyone in that court room on that particular day, got what they wanted. I have never had a prejudice bone in my body and, I never taught it to my children because, God is going to judge each of us according to what we do and, how we treat one another. I would hate to be one of those individuals on there day when, they have to stand before the Lord. Thank you for your HONEST opinion regarding Mr. and, the MANMADE LAWS in ARKANSAS…….

  25. Sandra is a joke. She doesn’t care what happens to Cornelius and never has. It’s all about what Sandra can get out of someone. She trifling

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