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ORLANDO – Moving can be a stressful experience, when you’ve got a tight deadline to get your belongings out of Property A and safely transported to Property B. It’s always a busy and often hectic day. So pretty much anything that helps make this process more efficient and cost-effective is exactly what movers are looking for.

In fact, if you’ve moved often enough, you probably know the patterns that develop: how you can write up a checklist of things to do, and that the things you expect to take 10 minutes will actually take 30, and the things that you expect to be done in an hour will take even longer, and that you’re lucky if just one or two things go wrong along the way.

Still, moving is one of those situations where you can learn from experience, and find ways to channel your excitement about being in a new home into a similar enthusiasm for making this as smooth a process as possible. And one of the ways you can start is by finding a rental truck that offers you:

* A very reasonable cost, with no major imposition on your budget
* Different options for the size of the trucks available
* The ability to walk in and rent one on the same day, without needing to book it months in advance.

Where Can You Find Affordable Rental Trucks?

Home Depot has been a popular place for years, as the go to source not just for furniture, kitchen and bathroom appliances and gardening items, but also all the tools you need if you want to get the work done yourself. Their staff is eager to teach you how to do something without error.

Founded in 1978 with the goal of creating home-improvement superstores, Home Depot has grown from initially leasing space out of a JC Penney to becoming the nation’s largest home improvement retailer. Operating in a big box format in all 50 states, the company also has Home Depot Truck Rentals that are popular with movers, because as with other departments within their stores, that rental department’s goal is to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Why Are Home Depot Rental Trucks Favorites Among Movers?

Home Depot truck rentals have become favorites among movers, and for good reason. The simplicity of the entire process is exactly what people planning a move are looking for.

So let’s explore those factors, which include:

Appealing Cost

Unlike some other rental truck agencies, the cost of renting one of their trucks is anything but expensive. On average, you can rent out one of their pickup trucks or cargo vans for:
* $19.95 for 75 minutes
* $39.95 for 2 and a half hours
* Or a full day rental for $99

There are no hidden fees, is a very appealing aspect of their rental agreement. A larger moving truck will be a bit more expensive, starting at $29.99 or $39.95, but that’s still a great bargain and even a steal in some people’s minds.

In fact, their truck rental department has been cited by Apartmenttherapy.com as one of 12 Home Depot “Shopping Secrets” that can help you save serious money.

Who Qualifies?

You can rent a truck at Home Depot as long as you’re at least 21 years old and have a valid American or Canadian driver’s license. You also need to leave a $50 deposit, and have proof of automobile insurance.

That’s as simple as it gets, and let’s face it, it pretty much applies to any adult who has had to move at least once in their lifetime.


A truck is a truck is a truck, right? Well, not necessarily. You do have a few options for meeting your moving needs.

The Flatbed Pickup Trucks are ideal for smaller hauls, and in particular for easily transporting large items across a shorter distance.
The Cargo Vans will give you more room if you’re anticipating a larger haul, and are a popular van rental option. Both of these rentals require a $50 deposit.

The HD Moving Box Truck is the most spacious option, ideal for getting everything out of your old apartment or storage unit, and into your new home. This rental requires a $100 deposit.

Then there’s the convenience factor. You can log onto the Home Depot website and check the availability of these trucks in your area store before you drive over there. It’s a great way to “visit” the store that closest to you without going there, and find out if they have what you’re looking for.

Here’s another tip: You can also check to see if the store nearest you has truck on hand when they’re closing the night before, and confirm it will be available when they open the next morning. Just stop by the Special Services Desk or Tool Rental Center of the Home Depot near you.

Making Payments

This is the easiest option. All you need is a valid credit card. Keep in mind that you also need to refuel the trucks before you return them.

Home Depot’s Load ‘N Go Rentals generate great word of mouth from customers for all of these reasons. It’s a particularly good deal if you rent a truck at $19.95 for the first 75 minutes (when no mileage charges apply), and know you’ll have it back within 75 minutes. (Don’t forget to factor in the amount of time it will take for loading and unloading your belongings, going back and forth, and getting to a gas station, since no one is going one way.) The Home Depot Truck Rental cost remains one of its biggest selling points.
You also need to be sure you return the vehicle to the same Home Depot store you got it from, since Home Depot doesn’t allow drop offs at a different location.

What Do Customers Say About These Trucks?

It’s also worth noting that when it comes to customer reviews, we all know that rental trucks often rate poorly on issues like cleanliness — and more than a few have been rated badly online, with comments ranging from “dirty” to “disgusting” — or being dependable (in other words, breaking down en route). On the other hand, the trucks at Home Depot have gotten mostly positive ratings from customers, including for cleanliness and dependability.

Home Depot remains a popular option for people who are moving short distances, but it’s also true that the HD Moving Box Truck is big enough to handle your larger moving needs.

Avoid the hassles on what you know will be a busy, hectic day. The convenience and low cost that Home Depot truck rentals offer are going to make your moving day a much easier, more efficient, and more pleasant experience all around.

Michael Freeman is an Orlando journalist, playwright, and author of the book When I Woke Up, You Were All Dead. Contact him at Freelineorlando@gmail.com.

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