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Michael W. Freeman was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts.

A graduate of Hampshire College and George Washington University, Michael got his start in journalism in 1988 when he began working as a reporter at a small weekly newspaper in the quaint town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, called The Ipswich Chronicle. His career in journalism had begun.

He spent 11 years as a reporter for an urban daily in Fall River, The Herald News, while also contributing commentary for local radio talk shows and teaching journalism at Bristol Community College.

Michael Freeman is the founder of Freeline Productions.
Michael Freeman is the founder of Freeline Productions.

In 2002, Michael relocated to Orlando, and spent eight years as the editor of The Reporter, a weekly newspaper in Central Florida founded in 2003 by The New York Times.

In November 2008, Michael formed Freeline Productions as a vehicle to produce an original play he’d written, Hooked, which had its premiere at The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival in May 2009. Michael continues to write original plays and remains active in local theater. He’s an ambassador at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater and remains a devoted and passionate lover of the arts and community theater.

In October 2010, Michael expanded Freeline Productions to include an online magazine, Freeline Media, which covers Central Florida with news articles, opinion pieces and reviews.

His work includes fiction as well. In 2013, Michael published the novel “Bloody Rabbit”. His subsequent works have included “Koby’s New Home” (2016), “Waking In The Dark” (2017), “Of Cats And Wolves” (2018), “Sharp Pieces Of Glass” (2021) and “A Christmas Eve Story” (2022).

Michael has worked as an editor and writer at some of Florida’s top newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel, The Sun Sentinel, The Lakeland Ledger and The Jewish Journal, the nation’s largest Jewish weekly newspaper.

Michael currently works as the content writer and editor at Freeline Productions

He enjoys reading, traveling, the music of The Monkees, the films of Roman Polanski, catching re-runs of the 1970s TV series “Kolchak The Night Stalker,” and the great art of comic books.

Michael is also the proud papa of his cats Fluffy and Daphne.

What Is Freeline Media?

Freeline Media is the online magazine that covers the arts & entertainment world in the Greater Orlando area, with a special emphasis on one thing: finding the positive, upbeat and encouraging news about what’s happening in Central Florida.

By logging on to https://freelinemediaorlando.com/, you can read about this fast-growing, thriving region, a capital for tourism innovation, advanced health care programs, the traditional mainstay of the citrus and farming industry, and now a growing high tech field. Central Florida remains an exciting and dynamic place, with a strong future. The people who have chosen to call this region home know that Central Florida will continue to expand and attract new investment in the coming years.

Freeline Media will help guide you through the plentiful options we have here, with reviews of upcoming concerts, theater productions, and local restaurants.

Freeline Media is here to remind everyone that Central Florida has wonderful people, businesses and institutions, and we’ve got them covered.ABOUT US

Freeline Productions was founded in November 2008 by Michael W. Freeman, a veteran journalist and fiction writer. He had written an original play, and formed Freeline Productions as the production company to get the show produced.

In October 2010, Freeman expanded Freeline Productions to include an online magazine, Freeline Media.

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