Peter Pan flies over the Downtown Disney Marketplace, representing all boys who never want to grow up. For one former Fort Lauderdale adult, though, wanting to stay a boy meant he paid a high price.

ODESS, TEXAS – Peter Pan spoke about never growing up. And apparently some take that a little too far.

Consider the case of one “kid” from Florida who really didn’t want to grow up.

Starting in February 2009, a 22-year-old named Guerdich Montimere started posing as a 15-year-old high schooler named “Jerry Joseph.” Why? In order to play high school basketball, it seems.

Montimere, a 2007 Fort Lauderdale graduate, had been living in Odessa, Texas while attending Permian High School, and lived with Permian basketball coach Danny Wright – all the while posing as Joseph, a “Haitian orphan.”

School officials and the local media received anonymous tips in April 2010 of his true identity, and an investigation was opened up. Since his initial arrest earlier this spring for providing fake information to police – on which he bonded out – he got arrested again the next day for tampering with government records and bonded out again for $7,500. He was again arrested the following day for engaging in sexual relations with a minor, and bond was set at $50,000.

He faces up to 20 years if convicted.

Apparently a student had come forward stating that Montimere had had a sexual relationship with her while posing as Johnson, portraying himself as being just 15 years old. He was, in reality, seven years old.

I guess he truly was a Peter Pan fan.

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