Miracle in Orlando butter knife
A sign from Heaven? Stardust cafe has a butter knife with the image of Jesus on it. (Photo by Michael Freeman).

ORLANDO — Located one shelf above the chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal molasses walnut cookies, and house made brownies, it stands there for all to see.
Artistically framed and with four small white imitation candles in front of it, it begs the question: it is a miracle? A sign from Heaven?
It is, after all, the Cream Cheese Jesus Miracle Knife, so named because on the otherwise dull butter knife can be seen the image of Jesus Christ. And it’s home is Stardust Video and Coffee House at 1842 E. Winter Park Road in Orlando — home of the Rob Reiner Meatloaf sandwich, the Red Bean Hummus Plate, and now, the Jesus Miracle Knife.
it was enough to impress a customer like Mariah Russo of Orlando, who kneeled in front of the counter where Stardust’s many loyal patrons place their orders, and there, on the second shelf, she observed that framed miracle knife.
And she loved it.
“It definitely looks like it,” she said, as she glanced at it. “It kind of looks like a caveman as well.”
She took a second look, then changed her mind again.
“It let’s you imagine how Jesus’ mustache looks,” Russo said, adding that as an Orlando resident, she’s pleased to have something like this in a cafe in her home city.
“I’m glad it was preserved,” she said. “Where else can you go to see this picture of Jesus?”
The framed butter knife was put out for the customers to see at 6 p.m. this evening. As dark storm clouds formed over the cafe, the sign of a heavy rainstorm on the way, inside the patrons took the time to check out the knife, snap a photo of it, and to share their thoughts on whether Jesus’ image truly was imprinted on that common piece of silverware.
Most everyone agreed that image could be observed, and this particular knife truly was a cut above the rest.

Is this the kind of place where a miracle involving a butter knife and some cream cheese can be found? (Photo by Michael Freeman).

“It was found in our sink here,” said Christina Rapson, who works at Stardust. “The guy in our kitchen was about to do the dishes when he saw it. He picked it up and said, ‘Wow, it looks like Jesus.’ ”
That guy was dishwasher Matt Kamm, who considers this entire experience almost a … well, miracle.
“I came in on a Saturday morning, and there were some leftover dishes to wash,” Kamm told Freeline Media. “I was cleaning the knife and the face just appeared to me. I just took a look down at it, and I saw it. I was like, ‘Dude, look at it!’ ”
Naturally, he didn’t wash it.
Kamm said he considers himself a spiritual person, if not necessarily a religious one, but he thinks it makes perfect sense that a butter knife with the image of Jesus on it would end up at a place like Stardust, a cafe known for live shows, scores of used videos and DVDs, and plenty of Espresso to go around.
“I’m a spiritualist, not really religious,” he said. “I look at life as art. That’s my religion. And Stardust is a pretty holy place. I figured where else would he appear but on a knife in my kitchen?”
He just knew it had to be framed and put out front for the public to see.
Then again, Kamm said there may be another explanation, and an entirely different one.
“It also kind of looks like an ex-employee, Justin,” he said. “So maybe it was his work.”
The Cream Cheese Jesus Miracle Knife is now on display at the Stardust front counter. Stardust is open from 7 a.m. until midnight, and can be reached by calling 407-623-3393.

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